Top 10 Easy to Use Video Ad-makers 2020

Top 10 Easy to Use Video Ad-makers 2020

With the advent of smartphones and numerous technological advancements, making or shooting a video is not a big deal. You can capture anything and everything you like for your future reference, but that content is not capable enough to pull in a lot of audiences. A video can be used in a variety of places to portray different things. It can be created for a beloved individual, for a local community, for a formal presentation, as a form of entertainment, or as a powerful advertising medium. 

Video is becoming the most preferred form of media these days with a majority of businesses relying largely on their video advertisements. There is a huge difference between a video and a video ad. Continue reading to unfold the details.

The Role of Video Ads in 2020:

As we are rolling in 2020, a major shift in the digital marketing industry is taking place. Videos have occupied the throne and are continuing to reign. People all around the globe are strongly agreeing to the fact that videos are more engaging, more impactful, and more popular than any other form of media and advertisement.

According to surveys, more than 80 percent of businesses that exist today use video ads as a promotional tool and commit to using these in the future too. If we go by the prediction of Cisco, by 2022, videos will consume more than 82 percent of the total online consumer traffic.

How to Create Good Quality Video Ads Easily:

Considering the popularity and accelerating demand of video ads, it has become crucial to pace up with the creation of video ads and feed more quality content to the target audience. This will help individuals as well as enterprises in keeping up with the market dynamics and help them become reliable brands among the customer base. 

Strong video ads with impressive visuals and a thoughtful storyline will build a connection between the brand and the audience that will have multiple benefits.

Try out These Amazing Ad Makers:

  • Animaker

This is one of the very easily available free web-based online software to create and edit videos. You can try out a variety of videos like promotional, marketing videos or any other business purpose. The user interface is quite simple to understand. There is an additional library of images, effects, and audios available apart from the option of dragging and dropping your desired files. 


Just like 7 million other Animaker users you too can trust the facilities of this amazing video maker.


  • Make Web Video

You would agree when we say that a video that shows pixelated images is as annoying as a buffering icon on the screen. Make Web Video helps you create high definition outputs by using the Adobe after effects templates in the software. This medium is fully automated with a very fast turnaround time. To master the art of making appealing video ads using Make Web, you don’t require advanced technical skills; anyone with basic computer knowledge can access the video ad maker.


  • Movidmo

You do not need to hire professionals and pay them huge amounts to create video ads for your start-up or for yourself. Just trust yourself and try Movidmo to create video ads that look professional and fetch good results for your business. Make customised videos and share the URL with other teammates for valuable feedback in a few minutes.


  • Renderforest

This is quite a diverse platform that will enable you to handle all your branding processes simultaneously. This has a free trial version where you can create nice video ads, attractive logos, and even build your website. Renderforest gives access to more than five hundred interesting video templates in different patterns and colours making it suitable for many individuals and organisations.


If you like the options available, you can extend your plan further to enjoy more benefits of Renderforest.


  • Fimora9 Business

If you are new in the world of video making and are searching for a tool that does not have a complex learning graph, Filmora9 Business is just the right match for you. The easy to understand features make it perfect for all those who aim at targeting audiences using video ads.


This video ad maker has a bunch of premium features that will make your video ad creative and attractive. It has about 300 built-in templates, green-screen effects, rapid processing, adjustable preview quality, and more features.


  • Wideo

Make your video ad creation sessions stress-free and easy-breezy with Wideo at your desk. You can experiment with different types of animation videos using this video creation tool. If you own a business and want to cut short on the time that you give to creating premium videos, you can trust Wideo for maximum output in a minimum time frame as it makes use of readymade video templates.


With Wideo you have the advantage of sharing the file in a single click or even downloading them as an MP4 file.


  • Magisto

Why struggle to make professional videos when you have the smart way of creating Magisto videos in a matter of minutes? This software gives you access to advanced editing features, huge iStock media, and a range of colours and fonts that can be customised. The Emotion Sense Technology that it uses makes the videos magical.


  • Bannersnack

This online video maker is just appropriate for all your banner ad campaigns. You can explore a vast range of designs and can download the video in multiple formats depending on your need. You can upload your specific brand font or colours to maintain brand consistency here. The rich photo library has more than 3 million premium pictures for the users. Animated ads can also be made using Bannersnack. 


  • Biteable

This is among the most feasible and smooth video ad makers as it runs online without affecting your system’s performance. It has many editing facilities and numerous templates that can be combined with your captured clips to create perfect videos with the look and feel that you want. Avail the event calendar so it does not miss any important date.


  • Cobiro

With Cobiro by your side, you can not only make absolutely stunning videos but you can manage all your digital ad campaigns. It is a fully automated machine learning platform. You can select an already existing storyboard template or can even design your own. You can personalize the graphics, text, audio, etc from the available library. 


If you are a part of the market and aim at providing quality service to the masses, you need to advertise well to widen your reach. Video ads are at peak currently, and as a wise marketer, you definitely cannot miss this trend. Leverage the multiple video ad-makers available online to create ads as per your requirements and visualisation.

Author: Gus Barge

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