Ten Never Released Nintendo 64 Games I Wish Were Real

The title of this post might be a little deceiving. You see these are not 10 games that were made but got cancelled or scrapped, these games never existed! All these Nintendo 64 games you are about to see are made by a fan and are the games they would have loved to have seen. So let’s get a little bit retro as we take a look at…



Top 10 Never Released Nintendo 64 Games
Assassin’s Creed Nintendo 64 Game

10 – Assassins Creed III

Sadly Assassins Creed was not even an idea at the time let alone a real video game. But I think if it was made back then it would not have enjoyed the same success at all.

Top 10 Never Released Nintendo 64 Games
Paper Zelda Nintendo 64 Game

9 – Paper Zelda

I almost spat my coffee across the screen when I first saw this. If ever there was a game that I would love to see made it has to be this. In fact, I am stunned it has never been made!

Minecraft Nintendo 64 Game
Minecraft Nintendo 64 Game

8 – Minecraft

A lack of storage space was one of the problems the N64 had, so sadly games like this could never have existed. Let’s face it, the N64 was a major success without them. But I do sill have to respect this fan made art by MahBoi-DINNER, these are the games I wish existed as well.

Top 10 Never Released Nintendo 64 Games
Parappa the Rapper Nintendo 64 Game

7 – Parappa the Rapper

Now, this is made to wind people up, for my money Parappa the Rapper was one of the greatest games ever made, and one on an N64 would have been amazing. Shame it doesn’t exist and indeed never will.

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Top 10 Never Released Nintendo 64 Games
Steven Universe Nintendo 64 Game

6 – Steven Universe

For those who don’t know what Steven Universe is, it is an American cartoon about a goofball who saves the world using the magical powers that come from his bellybutton! Sounds like a game I need to play now!

Top 10 Never Released Nintendo 64 Games
Lobodestroyo Nintendo 64 Game

5 – Lobodestroyo

Unlike many of the others in this list, this game might actually be made! Part of a kick-starter project that got all its funding this stands a really good chance of getting made. Probably not as an N64 game, but still!

Top 10 Never Released Nintendo 64 Games
Breaking Bad Nintendo 64 Game

4 – Breaking Bad

With a Walter themed nod towards a game that did exist called “Conker’s Bad Fur Day” that was also full of graphic violence, sexual themes and strong language. Very much the same game then!

Top 10 Never Released Nintendo 64 Games
Adventure Time Nintendo 64 Game

3 – Adventure Time

If ever there was a fake game that sounds like it could have been real it is this one. Sure, both these cartoons weren’t around when the N64 was in its prime, but if they were this would have stood a good chance of being made.

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Top 10 Never Released Nintendo 64 Games
Iron Man Nintendo 64 Game

2 – Iron Man

There is not (if any) good superhero games for consoles. Maybe a few Lego ones and Batman, but never has there been a good Iron Man game. But if it was made at the time of the n64’s popularity I would definitely have brought this for sure.

Top 10 Never Released Nintendo 64 Games
Doctor Who Nintendo 64 Game

1 – Doctor Who

Not only a good game idea, but it would have fitted in perfectly with the nerd aspect fan following that the N64 had. But I am still waiting for a good Doctor who game on any console let alone this one!

Author: Gus Barge

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