Ten Staircases Covered in Art That Will Amaze You

Staircases are never much to write home about. Sure, some of them can be rather amazing as we saw in the post “Top 10 Most Awesome Staircase” but normally they are boring public places that nobody notices. But some people don’t see them as that! Some people see them as a blank canvas, ready to be painted and drawn upon, this is the World of staircase artwork and there are some rather amazing examples of it…



Salvador Dali inspired artwork on stairs
Salvador Dali inspired artwork on stairs

10 – Salvador Dali

What have Salvador Dali and Sylvester Stallone got in common? These steps! This artwork was placed on the semi-famous “Rocky Steps” because there was an exhibition of Salvador Dali’s work in Philadelphia.

Painting artwork on stairs

9 – Sea View

Some of the World’s greatest street artists live and work in Valparaíso, Chile but sadly, as a result, a lot of their work like this amazing sea view painting on a staircase goes un-named and the artist name often is forgotten about.

Multicoloured artwork on stairs

8 – Rainbow

Whenever you see something this colourful in real life it is always seen as something special, and this brightly coloured staircase in Germany by artist Horst Glasker is one of those wonderful examples.

Mountain artwork on stairs

7 – Mountain

Located in Copenhagen, Denmark this incredible mountain inspired staircase, is, in fact, a strong message about Parkinson’s disease. Made by advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi, it is a great advert and one that certainly makes you stop and think.

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artwork on stairs

6 – All Sorts

In the town of Caltagirone, Italy is a staircase that gets given a new look each and every year! Using all sorts, from potted flowers, paint, tiles and even candles! These intricate designs all done by the local people draw in millions of visitors making it good for the local economy and thus the local people.

Ice-men artwork on stairs

5 – Ice-men

Some of these artworks on stairs I find cool, some are even great! But this is in a whole new league. Made be Nele Azevedo this art installation called “A Beautiful Death” it is over 1,000 Melting Icemen on the stairs of the Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin, Germany!

Printed artwork on stairs

4 – Printed Images

What at first looks like a cheap photoshop edit, in fact, some rather stunning environmental adverts! Located in Ottawa, Canada apparently it changes quite often.

Piano artwork on stairs

3 – Piano

There are many pianos inspired staircases in the World, but this one located in Shangdu, China is one of the very best examples of it. Clean, modern and dare I say, rather beautiful.

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Multi-coloured origami artwork on stairs

2 – Origami

This amazing artwork on a staircase in Montée St-Maurice, Angers, France is by artist Mademoiselle Maurice. Taking up no less than 30,000 folded bits of paper, and with the help of hundreds of local people, it really is one impressive scene.

Mosaic artwork on stairs

1 – Mosaic

This is the 16th avenue, San-Francisco and you are looking at artwork made by the entire local community! Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher designed each and every one of the 163 tiled steps and the locals did all the hard work! Sounds a little unfair to me, but the results speak for themselves.

Author: Gus Barge

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