Ten Cats and Their Minions Trying to Overtake the World!

What I have here is living proof that cats have gathered their army of minions and are preparing to take over the world. Many of us have known this day would come in the end, and that day is now upon us. So take note of their army’s and let’s try and win this planet-wide battle…


Top 10 Cats and Their Minions
Cat with Army Toys

10 – Real Deal

What better way to overtake the world than with some GI Joe style action heroes. Think small soldiers, only willing to kill you.

Cat with Gnome Army

9 – Garden Gangs

Many people think it is gnomes that will rise up and take control of the planet, but what if they were only doing the cats bidding!? A scary thought indeed.

Cat with Stuffed Rat Army

8 – Protect me while I sleep

Have you noticed how cats are getting even lazier? Has your cat ever caught a rat? Well if not maybe they are trying to control them like this evil kitty.

Cat with Toy Lion Army

7 – Big Cat Command

Can cats and lions talk to each other? I don’t know, but it seems this kitty thinks it can and has assembled a rather cute looking army.

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Cat with Plush Cat Army

6 – Infiltration

They might look cute, but those big sad eyes are just enough to lure you into a trap. And the fact that “Stan” here is running for Mayor is no coincidence. Vote for him or suffer the consequences.

Cat with Penguin Army

5 – All Weather

For further proof they are planning on overtaking the entire world is this image of an Arctic army that can march in all weathers! There really will be nowhere to hide.

Cat with Stone Cat Army

4 – Scary Stones

This is the first army of cat minions that actually looks scary! Their faces tell me that the cat has control of them and they will do its bidding no matter what.

Cat with My Little Pony Army

3 – Rainbow Brite Army

They might not look like they will so much harm, but imagine over-loading with cuteness! That is the scary goal of this army of rainbow warriors.

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Cat with Stone Cat Army

2 – Petrified

Much like the weeping angels from Dr Who these cat statues will stop at nothing. Just don’t close your eyes, not even for a second.

Cat with Lego Army

1 – Go Forth!

And we end this off with a mighty army of Lego minions. They might march funny, but if ever there is an indestructible army to command it has to be a Lego one.

Author: Gus Barge

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