Ten Amazing Pancakes Turned Into Nerdy Works of Art

It is Shrove Tuesday here in the UK and that means it is almost time for lent. So people used to take this day as the last chance to indulge themselves before starting it. Nowadays people don’t really do lent in the UK, but we still like to celebrate it with pancakes. So here are some that are perfect for nerds like me…


Top 10 Best Examples of Nerdy Pancake Art
Tardis Pancake Art


We start this list off with a pancake that is definitely not bigger on the inside. But it terms of big on amazement it has lots of it.

Minions Pancake Art

9 – Minions

If you still love the Minions from the Despicable Me films maybe this would be the perfect pancake for you. But the way I have not idea how they make them in all the shades of pancake they do, so if anyone does (even a slight clue) do let me know in the comments below. The post, by the way, is from a blog that features nothing but pancakes art making it well worth a look.

T-Rex Pancake Art

8 – T-Rex

Anyone who can make a pancake looks then close to a dissuader gets my respect, but one this good gets to go into this list. Do they use different coloured batter mix or maybe colour them afterwards?!?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pancake Art

7 – TMNT

Not only do these pancakes inspired by the half-shell heroes themselves look amazing there is also a full making guide in the link meaning you can make your very own!

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Nintendo Characters Pancake Art

6 – Nintendo Characters

Featuring Zelda, Kirby, Yoshi and fox as well as many others said pancakes are on of the best pancakes artists in the world and you can see why! You kind of get 4 pancakes for the price of one here.

Angry Birds Pancake Art

5 – Angry Birds

I wonder if birds would like pancakes as well?!? Well bird food aside, I think these birds to be angry no matter what you gave them. But I did like that all of them (Pigs as well) were included.

Walking Dead Pancake Art

4 –The Walking Dead

Even Zombie hunters like to stop for a while and eat some pancakes. With all your favourite characters from the TV show Rick, Carol and of course Daryl it is a tasty zombie treat!

Spiderman Pancake Art

3 – Spiderman

Why not prove you are a real superhero and try and eat 10 pancakes! It won’t prove you have superpowers, but it might be enough sugar to make you believe you have.

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AT-AT Walker Pancake Art

2 – AT-AT

I would have been impressed with a 2D pancake of an AT-AT walker, but a 3D one stood up is really something to be amazed at. I would just have to bite that head off first.

Super Mario Pancake Art

1 – Super Mario

Once again taken from the “Randombreakfasts.tumblr” feed is this perfect Super Mario themed one. He might have started on an 8-bit machine, but after just one bit from me, he would be gone!

Author: Gus Barge

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