Ten Amazing Pictures of Jelly Bean Mosaic Art (by Various Artists)

There are some people who are busy trying to figure out if that green jelly bean they ate was lime or kiwi, but in the meanwhile, there have been some other people who were making those jelly beans into amazing works of art. So today I thought we would take a look at what I think is…


Top 10 Examples of Jelly Bean Mosaic Art
Chief Rainbow Tree Jelly Bean Portrait

10 – Chief Rainbow Tree

Most people will not have a clue who this it, but this image is of a former Great Plains tribal chief known as Rainbow Tree. It consists of 9,514 beans of over 15 different Jelly Belly flavours!

Top 10 Examples of Jelly Bean Mosaic Art
William & Kate Jelly Bean Portrait

9 – Catherine Middleton and Prince William

The royal wedding of Catherine Middleton and Prince William captured billions of hearts across the world, so Malcolm West the Jelly Belly artist decided to use 11,000 Jelly Belly jelly beans to capture the joy that radiates from the happy couple.

Top 10 Examples of Jelly Bean Mosaic Art
Chinese Dragon Jelly Bean Portrait

8 – Chinese Dragon

This Jelly Belly mosaic of a Dragon uses hot and fiery flavours and colours to create this stunning piece of art. It was first made to coincide with Year of the Dragon in 2000 and features over 8,000 Jelly Beans

Top 10 Examples of Jelly Bean Mosaic Art
The Starry Night Jelly Bean Art

7 – The Starry Night

Made by candy artist Kristen Cumings, it was made to celebrate Vincent van Gogh’s masterwork, The Starry Night, but as a side note because Van Gogh’s brush strokes went in a circular, swirling pattern, Cumings had to place each individual bean in the same direction as the brushstroke to mimic the effect and recreate it on a larger scale!

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Top 10 Examples of Jelly Bean Mosaic Art
Shrek Jelly Bean Art

6 – Shrek

Made by candy artist Malcolm West it features a lot of green lime Jellybeans, and I think it perfectly sums up Jelly Beans. Fun, colourful and tasty all around. It is just a shame there is no Jellybean donkey!

Top 10 Examples of Jelly Bean Mosaic Art
Elvis Jelly Bean Art

5 – Elvis

Once again made by sweet artist Pete Rocha, this portrait of the King of Rock and Roll really captures the fun-loving smile and indeed life of the king himself.

Top 10 Examples of Jelly Bean Mosaic Art
Jelly Belly mascot Jelly Bean Art

4 – Jelly Bean Mascot

This list would not have been the same without featuring the original mascot of the Jelly Bean sweets themselves. Made by Pete Rocha it is a colourful master class on what you can do with a few simple candy beans.

Top 10 Examples of Jelly Bean Mosaic Art
Mona Lisa Jelly Bean Art

3 – Mona Lisa

You are probably wondering why the Jellybean portrait looks more colourful than the original image. Well believe it or not this is what many art historians believe the original colours may have looked like before almost 600 years ago when it was first painted.

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Top 10 Examples of Jelly Bean Mosaic Art
George Clooney Jelly Bean Art

2 – George Clooney

For some reason, George Clooney seems to be instantly recognisable even when made from Jelly Beans! I guess he has one of those faces and given that the artist Roger Rocha did such a good job making it does help.

Top 10 Examples of Jelly Bean Mosaic Art
Harry Potter Jelly Bean Art

1 – Harry Potter

All the beans used for this artwork were drawn from the 50 original Jelly Belly flavours made by Kristen Cumings again and over 12,000 jelly beans. Such amazing talent and to think that all we have been doing with them is shoving them down our throats.

Author: Gus Barge

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