Ten of The Best Alternative TV Shows Like Yellowstone

Ten of The Best Alternative TV Shows Like Yellowstone

Life on the Dutton Ranch is the closest the screens have brought the world to the wild west. The Dutton family including Rip Wheeler have become the new world favourites with the finale of season 4 attracting over 10 million views making it one of the most viewed shows in the world. The hit show brings politics, crime, love and parenting all under one roof with life and intensity in every scene. You can’t help but love all the Duttons from the ever angry but truth-speaking Beth, the confused and conniving Jamie to the brave Kayce. John Dutton remains the prized star of the show though. It will be some time before the hit show returns for its fifth season but these 10 will keep you entertained as you wait.


How exactly did the Dutton ranch find itself between the Reservation and the Yellowstone National Park and make so many people angry? Well, the answer goes k to the first generation of Dutton ranchers in 1883 who rode from Texas seeking the last bastion of uncolonized America so they could set up their ranch in the free country. Their journey from Texas through the lawless great plains as they headed West towards Oregon makes this show which has received positive reviews for its first season. It sheds some light on why the Duttons are so protective of their family and land and definitely a must-watch for any Yellowstone fan.


Walker Texas Ranger is one of the most viewed TV series in American history with its star Chuck Norris who played Cordell Walker remaining the face of the series for over two decades. Walker is a sequel of the 1990s show focusing on Cordell Walker’s son who is also called Cordell Walker and who is also a Texas Ranger walking through his dad’s footsteps. He has troubles of his wife is murdered in what seems like drug-related revenge hit aimed at him After his short stint undercover which he took to escape from his grief, he comes back to meet his new partner Micki Ramirez, an ambitious lady who left highway patrol to try her luck at being a Texas Ranger.



Waystar RoyCo is a global media conglomerate owned by the Roy family and previously managed by its patriarch Logan Roy. Logan is growing old just like John Dutton in Yellowstone and with their father’s health failing, the four siblings seek to protect their interests in the family business. Now only one child can take a seat on the throne between the four siblings Connor, Kendal, Shiv and Roman. The drama has won multiple Golden Globe awards and is expected to return for a fourth season.


What does a US Marshals deputy do when the line between legal and right becomes grey and the future of all of Kentucky is on the line? Well, according to Deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens, a good old cowboy’s quick draw shooting will sort things out. He finds himself in trouble after applying his justice on a Kentucky mob hitman that sees him transferred to his hometown where he was born and where he has some strained relationships that recreate dramatic events close to what you find in Yellowstone.


Walt Longmire is the heavy-handed sheriff of the fictional Absaroka County, Wyoming, who is a just man in his code which is something of an old West form of cowboy justice. He fights crimes in his county with the help of his daughter Cady and other deputies one of whom is secretly dating his daughter. The six seasons of the show bring out some dramatic scenes of what it takes to be a sheriff in a town where legal and justified aren’t the same thing especially with lots of bad blood between residents.



You won’t see that many cowboys here but you get to explore some Native American rivalry with a money launderer for Mexico’s Navarro cartel. It all starts when Marty Byrde is forced to leave his life as a financier in Florida and relocate to the Island of the Ozarks in Missouri to seek a new place where he can launder money for the cartel so that the boss won’t kill him as he did to his partners in Florida. The drama continues as Marty’s ambitions are at fault with other criminals on the island and the FBI which has sent an overzealous agent after Marty and his family. So, how will Marty Byrde get out and save his family?

The Ranch

After watching Sam Elliot in 1883, you are gonna have to come back and watch his performance in The Ranch which he stars alongside Ashton Kutcher. The comedy series has eight seasons of 30 minute long episodes following a family-owned ranch that struggles to survive against changing times. It is not as bloody as Yellowstone but very interesting and full of laughs.


Bill Hollister, the longest-serving Sheriff’s deputy in Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department finds himself in charge of the largest Sheriff’s department in the US when his boss dies suddenly. He realizes that the bureaucracy required in his new office is not as easy as he thought as he now has to deal with high-level criminals and he can’t go after all of them with guns blazing. It is an epic drama with lots of action and thrill rivalling Yellowstone.

The Son

The Son

Imagine John Dutton trying to give up ranching and going into oil instead? Elli McCullough was also born on a ranch in Texas and now he and his family are cattle barons just like the Duttons whose survival is also on the line. To survive in ranching in the US, we need power and money and unlike John Dutton who resorted to politics, Elli McCullough resorts to oil in this epic two-season drama series. It is all about keeping their empire alive against powerful external forces that threaten to bring them down.


The Washington Post and Vanity Fair rated this series in the top 10 of the best in 2017 and still is one of the most interesting American Historical dramas ever. It follows the hunt for the notorious outlaw Frank Griffin by marshal John Cook in 1884. The series focuses more on Roy Goode, a former adopted son of Frank Griffin’s who betrays him and flees to the town of La Belle New Mexico where there are nearly no men in the town as most of them died in a mining accident and now most of the people are women. Frank Griffin threatens to kill everyone in the town for harbouring Goode who is now working as a cowboy for one of the widows in the town and now the real drama starts there.

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