Money Heist Season 5A: Ten Things That Really Shocked The Fans

Money Heist Season 5A: Ten Things That Really Shocked The Fans

Money Heist Season 5 Part A finally came out and as usual, everything from the number of episodes released to the extent of the plot covered was less than what everyone expected. Fans are mad at Netflix for being so mean with the interesting show but everyone has to wait until the end of the year for the conclusion of the heist. Part A still had lots of interesting twists that fans never imagined and while the show didn’t divert any further from the main story, it created lots of complicated scenarios that make it impossible to predict how the Professor’s second heist will end. These are the 10 shocking twists no one expected in Season 5.

Tokyo’s Death

Well, this is the cliffhanger of the show and it hasn’t been settled yet but when someone goes kaboom in the impact of multiple grenades, then you can as well predict their fate. Tokyo being the main character of the show and the storyteller, she was the last character whose death you would predict. Besides, she is such a fighter that has beat worse odds than a nuisance in the name of Gandia and for someone who had so much will to live, suicide was just not her style. Whether the last part of the fifth season will revive the fan favourite iron lady or write her off just like the show did to Nairobi, Tokyo’s death remains the most shocking event of the entire show.

The Gang’s Sloppiness In The Bank

Nairobi died because the gang underestimated Gandia’s will to take them down and the whole gang was really hurt by her death. Everyone expected that Lisbon’s entry into the bank would bring better leadership and organization to the heist and help the team get more efficient and manage the hostages and the melting of gold better but her entry didn’t change anything. The squabbles between themselves continued and Denver and Monica were just as useless as before leaving Helsinki and the new members of the crew to do the heavy lifting. Even if the gang makes it out of the Bank of Spain alive, it will be fair to say they have bungled this heist.

Manilla’s Feelings For Denver

It was obvious in the fourth season that Manilla loved Denver, but not romantically; just the childhood crush that turns into a brother-sister kind of love in adulthood. The twist in her feelings to start competing with Monica for Denver’s attention put a new perspective to the show. It is not clear whether she will stand with Denver and help the gang get out alive if Denver chooses Monica. Her feelings for Denver have created a love triangle in the gang that will definitely get someone killed.

Money Heist Season 5A: Ten Things That Really Shocked The Fans

Arturo’s Rebellion

Arturo raped Amanda and attempted to drug Manilla and rape her too in the fourth season and coming into the fifth season, he was the first person fans hoped the producers would kill off. Arturo had also lost the favour of the General of the bank and the other hostages. However, in the 5th season, fans were still exposed to an Arturo in charge of the hostage rebellion still telling the hostages what to do and everyone listened. The show just seemed to play down the sexual assault and no one seemed to care about Amanda and the rest of the hostages he assaulted.

Sierra’s Alliance With The Professor

Sierra wasn’t the most lovable character to most fans as she was the greatest threat to Professor and the entire gang. She seemed to hate The Professor and Lisbon at a personal level, and when she pulled up in El Professor’s hideout with her pistol, it looked like game over. Her pregnancy was bound to stop her at one point and it was at professor’s feet that she got her midwife and, now, seemingly a friend. It is unclear what her next play will be now that she owes her life to The Professor. She seems to have more reasons from the past to hate the professor though which is why this alliance may not last.

Gandia Leaving The Bank Alive

Where is the revenge for Nairobi’s death? Surely someone has to pay and no one is as guilty for her death as Gandia. For some reason, Lisbon and Tokyo thought it wise to release the greatest threat to the heist back into Tamayo’s hands and that is probably the most stupid decision the gang made. So, how is it that no one seems to be angry enough to kill the unrepentant man that doesn’t even care for the life he took?

Monica’s Breakdown

Monica Gaztambide, aka Stockholm, was supposed to be the game-changer in the second heist after the gang lost Moscow. She was supposed to be Denver’s moral guide and friend and she was that until Arturo stormed into the Bank of Spain. Monica has since lost her usefulness to the gang, doing very little to keep her ex-lover in line and even faulting Denver for Arturo’s mischief. She ended up taking drugs despite being a mother and even abandoned the rest of the gang while Arturo was leading a hostage rebellion. She has become one of the most disappointing characters on the show.

Money Heist Season 5A: Ten Things That Really Shocked The Fans

Sergio’s Relationship With Tatiana

You can always expect lots of flashbacks in Money Heist and they have kept the memory of Belin alive so far. The most interesting piece of Berlin’s past is his relationship with Tatiana who is likely to be related to Sierra or be Sierra herself. Those flashbacks would therefore suggest that robbing the Royal Mint wasn’t The Professor’s first heist and that Sierra is not the law-abiding police officer she claims to be. Sierra’s history with El Professor is therefore likely to impact the end of the second heist since Sierra being Tatiana could turn into a great partner or a worse adversary for The Professor and his gang.

The Professor Blackmailing Tamayo

With Sierra out of the command tent and no one related to Professor in Tamayo’s vicinity, it seemed as if Professor had run out of methods of eavesdropping of the government’s plan to attack the gang. The gang used Gandia’s release to their advantage by planting listening devices on the cuffs and catching Tamayo on the wrong side of the law once again. It was sweet to watch Tamayo lose once again after he had seemingly gotten the grip on the operation.

The Extent Of Berlin’s Involvement In Tokyo’s Selection

The first four seasons of the show only focused on how the professor related to his gang after he selected them. It was as if bringing the team together was all the professor’s idea but that isn’t the case. Berlin actually couched for Tokyo and instructed Professor to reach out and help her after her boyfriend was killed. It would be interesting to find out what role Berlin played in the selection of the rest of the gang; except Lisbon and Stockholm of course.

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