Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a Used Car

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a Used Car

Buying a pre-owned car can be both a delightful experience and a big regret. We often want to rush to dealerships and hurry up to get the keys to whoosh down the road with the car to friends and family but, there are few mistakes we often commit to while buying a used car. Here, let’s jot down the top 10 mistakes to avoid while buying a used car and how to save yourself from remorse.

Visiting only one dealership or willing to buy a specific car.

We tend to get convinced by the salesperson with his impressive approach to the cars in his dealership who has been familiar to us before, but we forget that hundreds of dealerships in the US might get you a very good deal. Before you set a deal, visit other dealerships around you and compare the price difference and go for the best. If you are looking for used cars, you can check out for deals on used Toyota Camry for sale.

Before selecting a car, go online and research the car manufacturer and the car’s overall reliability, ratings, price when launched, and the current price to get an idea of the present value. It is advised not to fall prey to looks and designs. If you are a family man of up to 6-7 members, it is lame to set your eyes on a used Honda Accord for sale.

To avoid the history of the used car

Any pre-owned car you buy has ended up in the dealership due to certain reasons, right? Search for them. Dig up all the details about any accident that occurred in the time before it ended up in the dealership and take the car out for some time for a test drive. This will ensure whether the previous owner has maintained the car and how it is to drive.

To skip the test drives

The assumption on any machinery by the looks is just foolishness because what looks good can make you feel worse. If the pre-owned car you think you will buy is far away from the place you live, make the effort to visit the consumer or the dealership and take a test drive or maybe two that also for at least 30 minutes. This will ensure the comfort you will expect and also you will get to know about the ride quality and the interior components and how the previous owner has maintained the car.

Taking test drives is very important to know the car you are buying. Maybe you have driven the car before and on paper, it is the same, but you don’t know the interior and exterior conditions and how the previous owner has maintained the car.

To focus on the EMI schemes only

People often fall prey to the easy monthly schemes available when buying cars because they are burdenless and can be easy for most of us. But if the dealers catch you getting interested in the schemes it is possible that they can easily increase the price of the car or increase trade-in values and you will hardly notice because the monthly charges will be lower. Instead, you can approach the present value of the car or the financing methods to ensure the monthly payment or the trade-in values.

To avoid depreciation before buying a car

All the vehicles go through some amount of depreciation weekly, monthly, yearly, and so on. Maybe the car you chose to buy has undergone a very bad depreciation and lost the value it once had. To keep yourself updated with the updates, it is advised to look into the websites where you can find the current value of the car and you can even fix a few problems which can increase the value of your car like new tires, refilling a new engine oil or the wiper blades. Toyota cars usually don’t have much depreciation over the years, so you can rely on the company’s offerings.

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a Used Car

Not following the right way for bargaining

We all love to bargain the price of commodities, especially used cars. But there are few techniques for the smart ones to get the best deals in any dealership you go to. Ask the dealer about the deal he got with the previous owner while buying the car and the price he got it for. After the conversation, you can easily figure out the price difference between the tag and his profit margin. This will allow you and the dealer to settle for the price you both cannot deny. Hence, a ‘good deal’ will come to you.

Avoiding the inspection report of the car

Getting a used car with the right inspections done is a must. If you are buying a pre-owned car from a known or famous dealership then you must not worry about the inspections because they have certified mechanics to run tests and will show you the same but if you are buying a pre-owned car from an individual you met online or a dealership you think is cheating on you, call up a certified mechanic in your area or hire him for a day to check and inspect the car you are willing to buy. This will ensure whether the quality of the car from the inside out is good.

Accepting unnecessary accessories or extras

While buying used cars at the dealerships, the salespeople try to sell extra ads-on with the vehicle you have opted to buy. This can include paints or ceramic coating or any protective gear like bumper guard or maybe fancy stickers. Avoid all the offers because they will cost you a lot of money and if you are interested, you can buy paint and you can use it spending a lot less money.

Also, all the reliability websites have checked that the present generation cars do not go through rust and perforation as the paint used at the factories already prevents it.

Not paying attention to the cost of ownership in the longer run

We all love cars from supreme brands from all over the world, so if you set your eyes on a 2015 BMW X5 at the dealership, think twice before owning the car because the cost of ownership is higher than the usual car brands. Also, there are few things to consider like the fuel type, maintenance cost, and repair costs. Also if the car is fitted with any after-market accessories then you have to pay more.

To skip consulting with your insurance company first

If you are willing to buy a used car at the dealership, don’t forget to give a call to your insurance company and ask for solutions for the insurance. If the car you chose has a value higher than the car you already own, you could be asked to pay more for the increased value for the current car.

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