Top 10 DIY Disasters and Lazy Life Hacks

“how much?!?” That is normally the response people react with when told the price it will cost them for a genuine replacement part for their item. Be it a car, phone, house, boat, whatever, people will go to extreme lengths to find a cheaper alternative. So without further ado I bring you…

Top 10 DIY Disasters and Lazy Life Hacks


Sponge used as replacement car screen wiper
Sponge used as replacement car screen wiper

10 – When I’m cleaning windows!

If only the sponge was the length of a normal car windscreen wiper this might well have worked! …But it isn’t so it doesn’t. You could make a killing from all these DIY disasters TV shows there are out there with people like this around.

push lawn mower attached to the front of a bicycle
push lawn mower attached to the front of a bicycle

9 – Cycle-Cutter

Perfect for mowing down Zombies should the apocalypse ever happen this non-genuine makeshift machine is pure genius and should be made via mass production as soon as possible. Out of all of these DIY disasters pictures, this is the one I would most life to try.

Shopping Trolley used as a BBQ
Shopping Trolley used as a BBQ

8 – Worth the coin

While at first glance this might seem like a great replacement part, but you need to know the fact that all shopping trolleys are often sprayed with pure bleach to keep them clean and shiny! So eating off of this would be no different to eating from the side of your own toilet bowl. The idea is sound as a log fire, but it’s just not the best for cooking with.

Lego used to replace brickwork
Lego used to replace brickwork

7 – Health and Safety officer seen passing out on door step

What is especially amazing about this is that they have used sloping, slanted Lego bricks to match the edges of the real bricks! Sure it looks incredible but only time would know how long it might well last for, but given that Lego is made from hardened plastic the non-genuine replacement bricks might well last longer than the real ones!

Hand vanity mirror used as a car side reverse mirror
Hand vanity mirror used as a car side reverse mirror

6 – Proof that vanity and insanity are the same things

Using a vanity mirror as a car wing mirror is not only daft looking but also pointless because wing mirrors on cars are not just a mirror but in fact curved in a very specific way to enable you to safely see what is at the side of you, and this just won’t do that. This is one of those DIY disaster stories that no-one would believe you saw if you told them about it.

Desk fan used as a ceiling fan
Desk fan used as a ceiling fan

5 – You wouldn’t want to sit under it!

This is a win not only for the genius idea that it is, but being a desktop fan it also rotates meaning that no matter where you are in the room you will get a cool breeze! You might well come to see this in an episode of house moving disasters

Trolley wheel used as a car wheel
Trolley wheel used as a car wheel

4 – Which does this guy need most? A spare tyre or spare brain?

It is surprising the amount of people who have been caught driving around with almost exactly the same non-genuine part. But if I saw a car like this there is no way I would get into it. With so many images of the same thing, it makes me wonder if there is just one garage out there that is doing all of them!

Barbie dolls used as a chandelier
Barbie dolls used as a chandelier

3 – Weird with a capital “W”

Many a little girl (and some boys) have grown up with Barbie. But there has to be a cut-off age. And just what age is that? Well, when you start making this creepy looking chandler with dolls instead of crystals you should probably stop right then. It goes to show that with a little bit of DIY lifting a house in terms of persona is easy!

Shed lock used as a car door lock
Shed lock used as a car door lock

2 – But 20 years too late for the win

Did you know that before the 50’s most car makes didn’t have car locks! Yep, people would just leave them open. But some people used to use locks like they had their sheds and back doors, so while at first, this might seem like a daft idea back in the early 50’s this would have been a win! This might well make it into the book “more DIY disasters” and the follow on one “ultimate DIY guide” because it really is that bad. But I have bene told that in Russia this is often a common sight.

Rubbish skip used as a swimming pool
Rubbish skip used as a swimming pool

1 – Need to try this myself!

No room for a swimming pool in the garden? Then why not hire one! Sure this is hardly a genuine part but boy is it an amazing idea. Far, far cheaper than any swimming pool all you need is a pool ladder, plastic sheet and a number of a good skip hire firm! And for all those reasons and then some, this pure genius idea makes it as number 1. You might need a skip during your own home renovation disasters, that are just around the corner.

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  2. Great post, it cheered me up whilst I’m snowed in here in South Wales. One of my neighbours actually uses a padlock to lock the back of his van.

  3. Why the heck haven’t we been doing it at the same time in the same Starbucks then? would have saved me a lot of embarrassment 😛

  4. Thanks for sharing that! I was lucky to be reading it at home, if I was at a cafe or something, people would have witnessed me spurting coffee from my nostrils … not the most elegant thing to do in public …

  5. Thanks for stopping at my blog! And thank you for making me LAUGH – Wow! I love your blog. Laughter is a NEEDED medicine one should take daily.

  6. First off, I love this list. But the Barbie chandelier is a little on the creepy side!

    Apparently the car wheel being replaced they do it quite a bit if the car needs to be moved around to be repaired.

  7. *LOL* One thing I do badly is spelling and grammar, so any help spotting my terrible writing is always very much appreciated. (I have now edited the post for the one you spotted)

  8. I once used a blob of blu-tack for a bath plug. My friend told me I was nuts but then changed her mind when it meant she could have a real bath instead of just a shower because it worked a treat!
    (plus did you realise that ‘pacific’ and ‘specific’ are two completely different words or was that just thrown in there to test which of us were really paying attention?)

  9. Hysterical. Love the Barbie chandelier. Believe it or not my mom collects Barbies. We have agreed to not speak of it in public. Shhhh…

  10. I like the swimming pool idea best. And Ginger, I didn’t know this site was a money earner – but since it is, you have my full support and approbation (and facebook mention).

  11. Totally funny! We need more lightheartedness in our lives! Thank you! When you look at the pictures it is scary to think that someone might be actually doing some of the things shown!

  12. Yeah it does make you wonder if it would actually work. But if you Google image search “Lawnmower bike” it seems a lot of very crazy people have tried to copy that original design!

  13. 1.) Had they replaced the Legos with polymer clay….it just might’ve lasted!
    2.) “Pool Boy” is asking for a cracked skull!
    3.) A $2.00 latch lock on a car worth .$50 REALLY??!!!
    4.) I’m not gonna say nuthin’ about the car with the hydraulic wheel! SMH
    5.) Upside down fan? Why didn’t I think of that?!
    6.) Thanks alot for your “vanity and insanity” commentary. I spit juice all over my computer screen!
    7.) I could imagine Michael Myers riding the “Death Mow’Her-cycle”.
    8.) The barbeque basket is pure, nasty genuis! #survivaloftheillness

    I loved this article! Keep em’ coming, I definitely will be coming back! 🙂

  14. Hahahaha, excellent.
    I’ve done a couple of list-based posts, it fits with my no-theme-whatsoever theme, as it helps when I can’t think of an idea for a longer piece. Thank you for the follow, keep up the good work.

  15. Thank you. I have been getting some good feedback given that it is only a few days old. And I will keep an eye out for your top 10’s because I like to see everyone’s.

    ..Oh! And have a great 2013.

  16. Great blog you’ve got here – I do Top 10 lists regularly myself, although mine are all ridiculous and usually puerile comedy. Keep it up (I like the millennium falcon one as well by the way!)

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