Ten Cool Things About Lemon Banana Sherbet

Ten Cool Things About Lemon Banana Sherbet
Ten Cool Things About Lemon Banana Sherbet

Want to know more about Lemon Banana Sherbet? This sativa-dominant hybrid is making waves in cannabis culture. Check out 10 cool things about lemon banana sherbet that I discovered!

There’s a new citrus hybrid strain in town. It’s called Lemon Banana Sherbet produced by Crockett Family Farms. Known for its sativa effects, it packs a punch of flavour and smells even better after the first puff. Check out ten cool things about this new strain.


Lemon Banana’s Lineage

Based on Crockett Family Farm’s Instagram @crockett420, they are based in California and their seeds are distributed worldwide from DNA Genetics based in Amsterdam. They are known to have created award-winning banana-inspired strains like Banana Split, Sour Tangie Banana, and Strawberry Banana. Lemon Banana Sherbet is the newest addition to the Crockett Family Farm. Its lineage is a combination of Lemon Skunk and Sour Banana Sherbet. With its tropical lineage, it’s sure to produce a cerebral experience.

It Has a Summer Scent

Who doesn’t love summer? Imagine yourself on a hot sunny day taking up the warm breeze. You’re sitting on the beach sipping on a cold glass of lemonade and the citrus aroma of it fills the air. It makes summer smell good with its lemon burst mixed with a peppery mango fragrance.

Gorgeous Light Green Colours

It buds are light green coloured mixed with a dash of orange hairs. When you hold them, they feel a bit like squeezing a sponge. That’s something you don’t come across every day.

Takes You Back To Summer

By far, Lemon Banana is a summer strain. When the aroma fills the air, it’s like a lemon and berry explosion reminiscent of summertime. After consumption, it gives a full cerebral high that is a huge mood booster.

Users feel content, uplifted and conversations are animated. This cannabis plant is sativa-dominant with 80% sativa and 20% indica ratio, which makes it a social strain where you feel more talkative and extroverted. That’s why a lot of people like to smoke it in the summertime at outdoor parties and barbeques where everyone is chilling out.

Alleviates Pain and Bloating

If you have Celiac disease or suffer from bloating or muscle pain, smoking it eases these symptoms. Generally, a lot of marijuana strains decrease pain and inflammation. But Lemon Banana strictly target body pain and bloating. Since sativas are known for inducing uplifted, this strain is good to smoke if you’re feeling depressed or stressed out because it’s a good pick me up.

It Has More Pistils Than All Other Brands

As you might know, the more hair (called Pistils) the plant has the stronger the plant is. And Lemon Banana Sherbet is covered in hair and that makes all the plants stong and that in turn also means bumper crops.

It has High Amounts of Trichomes

While these are not so important for the flavours of it, the plant itself benefits from increased amounts of Trichomes which means it is strong against various insects and animals that might want to forage on it. The more Trichomes the plant has, the stronger and bigger it will grow.

It Also Has High Amounts of THC

Otherwise known as Tetrahydrocannabinol the higher levels the plant is the stronger it is and that means Lemon Banana Sherbet is not for beginners.

It Can Be Used as an Appetite Stimulant

If you are struggling to eat you might want to smoke some of this because it is been proven to be a very effective appetite stimulant. One puff and you might want to start heading down to the shops!

It Can Temporarily Lift Chronic Fatigue

If you are feeling down and lethargic you might want to try this strain as it has been shown to quickly reduce the amount of chronic fatigue its smokers have. This is also helped by it being quick-acting making it perfect for a morning boost.

Review Of Lemon Banana Sherbet From FloraCal Farms

Description: Want to know about Lemon Banana Sherbet? It’s like going on a mini-vacation. Check out my latest review on this relaxing strain from FloraCal Farms.
Do you remember back in the day when you were known to be the coolest cat in town because you had the biggest bong? During those days, I owned a Jerome Baker. For those of you who have never heard of a Jerome Baker. They were the first cannabis company to produce glass bongs. Back then, it was cool to have a bong. But Jerome Baker bongs were huge! The glasswork of the bong was so specific, it looked like an art sculpture, rather than a bong.

But somehow as time passed and with the cannabis culture going mainstream, marijuana corporations started mass producing straight-cut, clear, glass bongs.
Being a renaissance man, I tried out a new millennium bong. To my great surprise, new bongs are easier to clean then my Jerome Baker. With is being easy to clean, you experience the full flavour of the strain you’re smoking. So, that’s a plus.

Not too long ago, my order of it came in from Santa Rosa FloralCal Farm. It smelled so good that I wiped down my new glass bong to make sure that I got to taste the full flavour.

After finely grinding a couple of nicely shaped buds, it was a little moist and sticky. That was a good sign that it was still fresh. I had to scoop out the rest that was stuck in between the teeth of the grinder.

Once I lit it up, the aroma took me back to my last tropical Maui vacation. No wonder they call it Lemon Banana! It smells like an exotic fruit you eat on vacation. After a few bowls, the smoke-filled my place and it smelt like a tropical citrus explosion with damp earthiness. The buzz felt mellow and well-balanced.
For the third round, I filled the bowl and took a big hit, whereby I let it seep in about halfway up the chamber, before exhaling. This paid off big time, as I was able to get a real taste of the bud.

It solidified what I was thinking from the first bowl that the smell was fruity, truly like bananas with a hint of lemony citrus. After it settled in, the sherbet filled the air. Bravo to the person who came up with the name of this strain, because it was spot on.

About five minutes in, the high was slowly accelerating. After the 10-minute mark had passed, it fully sunk in. I fell into a state of deep relaxation and felt uplifted. I noticed the body buzz coming through my chest, arms, and on the tips of my fingers. I knew I was comfortably lit. My eyes were droopy and I just chilled out on the couch.

Actually, FloraCal put in a lot of effort to develop this specific phenotype. It started by obtaining seeds from DNA Genetics at the 2016 Emerald Cup, then recreating samples they took from seed stalk flowers. They spent the year going over different options, before coming to an agreement of which one they would release to the cannabis culture.

As I sat back and smoked more of this citrus-smelling flower, I was amazed at how a simple bong could produce such an amazing experience. Even though me and my Jerome Baker had some great memories back in the day, this new glass bong I had along with it was a true testament to how far the cannabis world has come.

  • Potency: 25.34% THC / 27.5% with cannabinoids
  • Aroma: Lemon, citrus, banana, sherbet
  • Taste: Sweet and amazing!
  • Look: Gorgeous. The extra harvesting time invested in getting the exact phenotype paid off.
  • Medicinal Purpose: Suitable for anxiety, stress, muscle pain, and nausea.
  • Effects: Uplifting, creative, mellow, cheerful, relaxing.
  • Final Thoughts: Top-grade, prize-winning top-level marijuana plant. Because of this bud, it’s a great time to experience legalization.
Author: Gus Barge

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