Top 10 Tips On How To Get Products & Services For Free

So you own a blog and have been blogging for a while now. But when is someone going to contact you and ask you to review something? Well let me tell you, they won’t. In those early years, you need to get out there and get them for yourself and this is how you do it…



Start reviewing what you have
Start reviewing what you have

10 – Start reviewing what you have

One of the easiest ways to promote the fact that you have started doing reviews is to review something that you already have. Want to do beauty review? Then review whatever makeup you already have. By dedicating a section of your blog to reviews shows you are open for business.

Blog Networks

9 – Blog Networks

Some of the bigger blog networks like are not only good for getting the word out about your blog, but they also have countless things up for review. From products to services and all it takes is saying “yes” to what you fancy reviewing when they ask.

Consumer stalking

8 – Consumer stalking

This might sound a little stalkerish, but by choosing one particular company to work with and liking, sharing and engaging with everything they say or do will soon get you noticed. Just remember to say you are a blogger in your social media profiles.

Choose a good niche

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By picking a niche that no-one else does, or specialises in makes you stand out like a sore thumb, particularly when it comes to Google rankings. Want to get paid to visit theme parks? Then only blog about theme park reviews.

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Elephant in the room

6 – Elephant in the room

While not the quickest method of getting products for review, by becoming the elephant in the room (massive on social media or blog subscribers) you will be hard to ignore.

Cold calling

5 – Cold calling

This might sound like an old school way of getting noticed, but more and more bloggers are getting results this way particularly when it comes to contacting theme parks and paid local events.

Social media pages

4 – Social media pages

These days more and more marketing departments are turning to blogging groups on Facebook and Twitter to get the word out about their products. Sadly, this is often a first come, first served basis. But if your lucky enough to be online at that time, it is often a matter of saying “Me!”.

Affiliate programs

3 – Affiliate programs

OK, so you don’t get products for free, but by buying one, doing a review on it then using an affiliate link you could make your money back and then some. Not the best method I know, but it works well if you have high readership levels.

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The domino effect

2 – The domino effect

For this method to work you first need to buy a single product or service and review it yourself, then tell the company that you have done so (via email and social media). This method often leads to them sending you more free things to review and word getting out that you do reviews and even more companies sending you things! You got to set the dominos up for the enjoyment of knocking them down.

Just ask!

1 – Just ask!

The very best way you can get to do reviews is to tell the company who makes them, or offers the service that you would be willing to do one! At worst you are placed on a blogging list with lots of other people (but will still get picked in the end) and best case scenario is they say yes! After all, these companies might not know your blog even exists, so isn’t it best you tell them?!

Author: Gus Barge

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