Ten of the Funniest Van Damme Photoshop Pictures You Will Ever See

What, did you say you were bored? Well, get yourself a copy of Photoshop, teach yourself some basic editing by watching YouTube videos (you can teach yourself anything via YouTube these days and there might even be a point where schooling is obsolete!) and get editing. You will be quite surprised, that within a few hours even a newbie can possess some pretty decent photoshop skills.

For those of you who will be thinking that the following Van Damme pictures are terrible, you don’t understand the idea behind this top 10 list. These pictures are supposed to be crudely edited as that’s the whole point to have some fun with Photoshop and create pictures for the giggles…


Funny Van Damme Photoshop
Funny Van Damme Photoshop

10 – Damme…that man can fart!

What’s that Van Damme you need to let one rip? Two seconds while I go and get my lighter!

Funny Van Damme Photoshop

9 – Pick on someone your own size!

erne Troyer once said that he didn’t like Van Damme’s movies. This was the outcome. And remember: There’s no such thing as a bad Van Damme film! Well, apart from Cyborg…and anything made after 1995.

Funny Van Damme Photoshop

8 – The Van Damme Workout

Why do you think Jean-Claude is in such great shape? Well, his secret is Yoga and above you can see him in a lesson, but shush, it’s a secret so don’t tell anyone.

Funny Van Damme Photoshop

7 – Straight in the…

When Jean-Claude is the lifeguard and there is a clear sign saying “No Cannonballs” then you best do as the sign says. This unfortunate Fella had no respect for the sign and this is what happened.

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Funny Van Damme Photoshop

6 – It must have been leg day today!

No many people know this but Van Damme’s natural legs are always CGI in his movies and the above picture are in fact his real legs! You did know they needed to shrink them down for films now did you?

Funny Van Damme Photoshop

5 – Mortal Photoshop!

Ironically, Mortal Kombat’s Johnny Cage is actually based on Van Damme. Not only do they have the same initials but Johnny Cage has a move that is a mirror image of Van Damm’s move in Bloodsport. The creators based Johnny Cage on Mr Damme.

Funny Van Damme Photoshop

4 – Up, Down, Up, Down, A, B

He just can’t get enough of Mortal Kombat can he! As a finisher on the game a roundhouse kick would be the default fo sho. In fact, Jean-Claude should come as default on every game, or at least a Van Damme code should be created so he can be unlocked. (maybe it could have been a code based on one of these Jean-Claude Van Damme quotes!)

Funny Van Damme Photoshop

3 – Dance Off

Yeah, he’s got moved! He only just entered the dance stage in the above picture. You should have seen him in half an hour; the crowd was that bad that you couldn’t see him

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Funny Van Damme Photoshop

2 – Perfect Balance

Bring a knife to a Van Damme fight…pssssh! This is what you get. He is just roundhousing to just show off. You know he would never hit a girl.

Funny Van Damme Photoshop

1 – Dance Dance Van Damme Nation

Jean Claude is a nightmare in the Arcades. Once you get him in there it’s impossible to get the guy out and as you can see with the above picture the guy has the moves that is for sure.

Author: Gus Barge

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