Ten of the Very Best Animal Photobombs You Will Ever See

We have been there before when yourself or a group of friends are trying to have a picture taken and someone tries to be funny by doing something they shouldn’t such as pulling a funny face. Well, animals have been doing the same thing, photobombing photos for years! Don’t let animals fool you with their fluffiness and cuteness, they are prolific photobombers and they are laughing at us every time they succeed. So, next time you are taking a picture take a few moments to scan the area first to make sure there are no mischievous animals around. Although, some of them are that stealth that you never see them coming until it’s too late…


Whale Photobomb
Whale Photobomb

10 – Whale Photobomb

“Yo, Dave, watch this!” “Hahaha, good one, John.” As you can tell, Dave and John are the comedians at SeaWorld and they usually get up to these kinds of tricks. Think yourself lucky, John usually likes to get his friends involved which usually doesn’t end too well.

Otter Photobomb

9 – Otter Photobomb

I love this photobomb as you can tell the otter on the left is trying to take the picture very seriously; his friend on the right isn’t however. “Hey, Mike! This is what you look like,” “pulls a funny face”.

Walrus Photobomb

8 – Walrus Photobomb

“Did someone call little old me?” Go on then, get in the picture. The guys in the background don’t seem too upset to take a photo with the walrus. Although when he said he wanted to have a photo with them, they didn’t think he would take up that much of the shot.

Husky Dog Photobomb

7 – Husky Dog Photobomb

Husky dogs are well-known for their playfulness and if you try to get a good picture of them, this is how it will normally turn out.
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Squirrel Photobomb

6 – Squirrel Photobomb

As you guessed it, the photo is probably fake. I can’t imagine a squirrel living there and being ready at the precise moment. But who am I to criticise. For all I know he does live there and he just enjoys ruining other people’s pictures.

Husky and Labrador Dogs Photobomb

5 – Husky and Labrador Dogs Photobomb

This Husky is so laid back that it’s unreal. He has definitely been on the Scooby-snacks. You may have also realised that this is the second husky on our list. What most people don’t know is huskies are known for animal photobombing.

Grizzly Bear Photobomb

4 – Grizzly Bear Photobomb

Although the picture turned out to be a photobomb, the bear was trying to rob them. “Gimme yowl sandwiches and pink wafers and the child will live!” Yeah, as you can tell, he is a gangster bear. In fact, he is the leader of the infamous Grizzly Goons.

Sloth Photobomb

3 – Sloth Photobomb

This sloth is a perfect example of a great animal photobomb. Wait for it, wait for it… Now! People think that sloths are very slow creatures, but it’s a whole conspiracy to cover up the fact that I can’t accuse them of trying to photobomb.

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Seal and Penguins Photobomb

2 – Seal and Penguins Photobomb

Yes, the seal who started the whole animal photobombing. After this little fella, animal photobombs sprung up online everywhere. You know there is a secret site like Facebook that is for animals and when we humans aren’t looking they upload photos like this, titled: Me sticking it to the penguins!

Stingray Photobomb

1 – Stingray Photobomb

If this stingray had a name it would be Steven, but his close friends would call him Steve, or Ste for short. As you can tell by the photo, he gets all the ladies. She may look shocked but after this photo was taken I am sure she was smiling.

I am aware that some of these animal photobombs will be fake, but who cares? As long as they are funny and provide someone with a few laughs then it’s all good. Just remember that some of them are real and that your pet may be waiting for that perfect moment the next time you get the camera out.

Author: Gus Barge

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