Top 10 Images of Dogs Who Want To Help

Dogs these days are used for all sorts of jobs. Bomb sniffing, drug enforcement, a career for the blind. But those are all trained working dogs that gave gone through years of practice! What about our household dogs, they might be just our pets, but it doesn’t mean they don’t want to help around the home…



Top 10 Images of Dogs Who Want To Help
Dogs Willing To Help Vacuum The House

10 – Cleaning Woofer

This dog is called Jesse, and there is just about nothing she can’t do. From closing doors, loading the washing machine and even using a vacuum cleaner! My dog just runs a mile from mine.

Dogs Willing To Help With The Sweeping

9 – Sweeping Scooby

A bit if a local celebrity is this Golden Retriever who gets walked up and down the Chinese streets sweeping them! Seems the local council should employ him.

Dogs Willing To Help Loading The Washing Machine

8 – Washing Woofer

This dog really has been trained to do the washing! Using a special dog-friendly washing machine, the only thing he can’t do is separate colours.

Dogs Willing To Help With The Ironing

7 – IronPug

Some people love ironing, and some hate it. For all those firmly in the hate camp comes this pug who is willing to do it all for you! Just don’t ask him to do shirts, as he tends to burn things.

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Dogs Willing To Help Load The Dish Washer

6 – Licking Up

Not only is this busy pooch willing to help load the dishwasher, but he is also willing to lick the plates clean before doing it! That way he makes sure nothing stays on after the clean.

Dogs Willing To Help Cook

5 – Cooking Woofles

Are you working all day, only to come home to discover your dog hasn’t done any of the housework, and still demands a walk? Then it is time to upgrade your beloved pet.

Dogs Willing To Help Paint The House

4 – Paw Painter

It is, of course, the iconic Dulux Paint dog. This old English sheepdog is willing to help anyone out with colour choice and DIY home painting advice.

Dogs Willing To Help With The Gardening

3 – Grow and Dig

I hate doing the gardening, so having 3 dogs who are all willing to help with it would be a real godsend. The only problem is the only thing they are willing to plant is bones.

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Dog Willing To Help Build Things

2 – Will Build For Bones

Builder dog can do just about any building work you need. From a new concrete garden platform like he is building here, to a small house extension. Just get him the tools and away he goes!

Dog Willing To Help Clean The Toilet

1 – Will Scrub for Sausages

It is a job us humans hate doing, and a job that this dog is willing to help with! If you have a dog who is willing to help out with the chores by cleaning the toilet I say you are the luckiest pet owner alive.

Author: Gus Barge

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