Ten of the Funniest German Shepherds You Will Ever See

Are you the owner of a German Shepherd? If you are you will know they can be fiercely protective, but also fun loving. These ten German Shepherd’s you are about to see are having so much fun it’s almost infectious and sure to make any dog owner smile…


Funny German Shepherd
Funny German Shepherd

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If you think German Shepherds are too big to jump you couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, they can jump higher than many other animals including wild cats!

Funny German Shepherd

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While their sharp pointing ears don’t allow for a lot of face changes, their big eyes and loose jowls do still allow for a lot of good pictures with a fast shutter camera.

Funny German Shepherd

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While fun loving and often very devoted, they can also be stern dogs and if they don’t like something they will let you know. This, by the way, is their “stern” look.

Funny German Shepherd

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German Shepherds are not ones for dressing up, but if they are well trained they will sit very still and still allow you to have a little bit of photo fun.

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Funny German Shepherd

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Sadly for this cat, the dog invited it around for dinner. The cat sadly didn’t know that it was the dinner! Or maybe this is not what it looks like and the cat is helping.

Funny German Shepherd

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With well-maintained teeth, a German Shepherds smile can be worth a million, or it can be trouble for a burglar who sees that smile in the night.

Funny German Shepherd

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Now and again German Shepherds like to let loose and will behave silly for short bursts. When they want to play they will often play on their own and make their own fun.

Funny German Shepherd

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When German Shepherds play they like to be serious about it and making sure they get the ball or stick first time every time. But there is always that one dog who couldn’t catch a 1 ball in a million.

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Funny German Shepherd

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While they are often happy on their own German Shepherds do like the company of others when it is on their terms. So when your dog fancies some attention and loving do make sure you snap it up.

Funny German Shepherd

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When all is said and done a German Shepherd is a dog that can be more protective and loyal than the best of friends and they will help protect you and your property til their last breath.

Author: Gus Barge

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