Top 10 Amazing Attic and Loft Conversions

If I can ever afford it one day I would love to be able to have my loft turned into a living, working space. But do I want it as an office or maybe a man-cave with a good quality large screen TV to watch moves on or just play games with? But maybe I just being selfish and should turn it into a giant playroom for my little boy. Today I thought we could all look at some ideas for loft conversions…



Top 10 Amazing Attic and Loft Conversions
Spare Bedroom Loft Conversion

10 – Small Things

What I loved about this amazing looking loft bedroom seen in a cottage in Scotland is even though it is a small attic space, the white walls and minimalistic layout makes it look 100 times bigger than what it really is! Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest.

Walk in Wardrobe Loft Conversion

9 – The Walk in Wardrobe

What is that you say? You wanted to turn that empty attic space into a walk-in wardrobe like many other people have done, but you think that it is just too small!? Well, it is time to think again because (Or Ikea) can make that loft space look like the TARDIS!

Games Room Loft Conversion

8 – Games Room

I wish I lived in a house big toughen to have a pool table anywhere, let alone up in a loft conversion! But fair play to whoever did this, it is a Mastercraft in DIY.

Spare Bedroom Loft Conversion

7 –Bedroom

Quite a few of these ideas are essentially nothing more than bedrooms, but it is the layout and design of them that makes them amazing. Much like this hall of light style one.

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Spare Bedroom Loft Conversion

6 – Modern Mix

With a nice sized bedroom and glass intersection walls, this bedroom looks amazing. But of course, it is that sunken bath that really makes it extra special. My own loft is so small the best I could hope for is a sunken sink!

Bathroom Loft Conversion

5 – Restroom Attic

Forget all about bedrooms and man-caves for a while and have a think about how nice it would be to have a whole attic space turned into a giant wet-room! Those large attic windows are also worth a mention.

Library Loft Conversion

4 – Loft Library

If like me you still read and indeed own a lot of books maybe this attic reading room is the perfect place to store them all in. Fair play to whoever build it, it looks beautiful.

Rock Climbing / Gym Loft Conversion

3 – Climbing Gym

My own loft is so small that it wouldn’t make for a tough climb for a hamster! But if you have the height for it then this is not a bad idea at all. Even simply turning it into a gym is a good idea.

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Study/Office Loft Conversion

2 – The Study

An attic conversion could well be the perfect place to work in peace and quiet. This simple but deadly effective loft office/study layout is sure to inspire any blogger or writer to do up their own loft space no matter how small it might be.

Man Cave Loft Conversion

1 – Home Cinema

Before anyone says it, yes you can indeed get a sofa and large screen TV into a loft because at the time of the conversion you could ask for these things to be placed into the loft via the un-tiled roof struts. The only thing to really think about here is that the total weight of you (maybe some mates), the sofa and the TV doesn’t go over the weight limit of the conversion floor. If in any doubt ask the builder what that limit is, but for me, this is the ultimate in home cinema. My own movie man cave.

Author: Gus Barge

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