Ten Pictures of StreetWise Dogs Who Look Gangsters

The next time you forget to feed your canine companion, just remember that it may be your last day in existence. As your dog may be part of a secret alliance of underground dog gangsters that wouldn’t be scared to “pop a cap in yo!”.

These canine gangstas wait until you’re asleep and get up to all kinds of gangsta business. Ok, when I say “gangsta dogs”, I don’t mean the typical Tony Montana stereotype: with a suit, an M-16 and a Cuban accent. After all, the guy is a fictional character. What I are referring to is the typical guys who wear baseball caps, gold chains and reckon they own a small patch of land somewhere. In other words, I mean gangstas – who are wannabe gangsters…

Gangster Dog
Gangster Dog

10 – Ya Boi!, Cash Flow

It takes a true modern-day gangsta to show off their stash and earnings and there aint no way this dog is gonna be called a fake gangsta. He wants all the dogs in the neighbourhood to known that he runs this town and that he’s here to stay.

Gangster Dog

9 – Gowd an shih be Icin da Grill

You ain’t a true dog gangsta unless you have yourself a pair of fly grills. So when all these pretend gangsta dogs come on the scene trying to be all gangsta, ask them to smile. If you see no grills then you know that boi is a wannabe.

Gangster Dogs

8 – We Need us Some Fly Bitches That Get it Poppin

Now, these two are notorious as it gets. In fact, if I had to guess where these two were located, I would guess Mexico. You can’t help but think that this picture is probably their Myspace default image too and they mean business.

Gangster Dog

7 – I Will Hand You Yo Ass

This picture kind of scares me as it looks too real. Never mind the cats that may one day grow thumbs and take over the world. What we all need to be concerned with is that one-day dogs may turn into gangsters and end us all; although, the dog in this picture looks more like a pretend gangster. Just don’t tell him I said that.

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Gangster Dog

6 – P.U.G. The Fake Gangsta

This photo has obviously been photoshopped. But…it wasn’t photoshopped by a human. No my friend, it was indeed the handy-work of a fellow four-legged friend of the pug in the photo. I’m unsure if the little fella is a real gangsta or if he is indeed a fake gangsta. The little guy may not be able to hang with the big dawgs though!

Gangster Dog

5 – Dis is What I’m bust in yo Ayass if you be Steppin on yo!

He may be chilled back, but that’s just his style. Don’t let his look deceive you as he is a dog mobster that wouldn’t be scared to make you go sleep with the fishes. By the looks of it, he may have lost a poker game, but all I do for sure is that I wouldn’t mess with him.

Gangster Dog

4 – I Gotta Bounce

“I didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose me!” This is the dog’s motto that’s in the picture. If he wasn’t “so fly” the cameraman wouldn’t be with us today. But he has got bigger things to worry about, such as visiting mutts-cuts for his trim.

Gangster Dogs

3 – Yeah Boi! We is Da Real Deal

I’m unsure if these canines are in fact gangsta dogs or in fact just stoner dogs – I guess I will never know. What I do know for sure however is that the pair is highly connected to some of the big dawgs in the area. So I wouldn’t be quick to judge the two if I were you.

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Gangster Dog

2 – T’sup, Hommies?

You know German Shepherds, aka the Alsatians, look intimidating, but they are usually soft dogs – I guess it doesn’t help that the police use them for attack dogs. But the dog above is clearly a nice gangsta that would treat you with respect. Just don’t underestimate his ruthlessness as it’s nothing to be reckoned with.

Gangster Dog

1 – Imma Cap Yo Ass

Any dawg that posts a picture of themselves with a gat is someone you shouldn’t mess with. Other dogs fear him, the cats are pimped by him and his owners? They haven’t been seen for years!

Author: Gus Barge

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