Top 10 Unusual Dog Friendships

They say a dog is man’s best friend. But that is not always true. Here are ten dogs who much prefer the company of other, more unusual animals for friendship…



Top 10 Unusual Dog Friendships
Dog Friendship With a Goose

10 – Rex & Geraldine

I would have been more impressed if the Goose came back with the stick!

Dog Friendship With a Pig

9 – Susie & Tabitha

It’s a good job Susie can’t read her dog food label otherwise this might have been a very short friendship.

Dog Friendship With a Cheetah

8 – Mtani & Kasi

It’s a great friendship and they look the best of buddies. But sadly for Mtani the dog, Kasi is always going to get to any thrown ball first!

Dog Friendship With a Squirrel

7 – Mademoiselle Giselle & Finnegan

Apparently, Mademoiselle Giselle (the dog) is very pregnant. Or has Finnegan been filling her up with his nuts! …that wasn’t meant to sound as rude as it does.

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Dog Friendship With a Pere David Deer

6 – Kipper & Mi-Lu

I’m not quite sure what is going on at  Knowsley Safari Park, but they seem to pair up some unusual friendships between the animals.

Dog Friendship With a Rat

5 – Osiris & Riff

This is one rat that has formed a very unusual friendship to avoid becoming cat food! A wise move by Riff the rat indeed.

Dog Friendship With a Duckling

4 – Fred & Dennis

It sounds like a children’s TV show set up, but they really are the best of thunder buddies!

Dog Friendship With an Owl

3 – Tinni & Sniffer

One of the most unlikely animal friendships you will ever see. Apparently, they get on like a barn of fire!

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Dog Friendship With an Elephant

2 – Bella & Bubbles

When your best friends an Elephant it means you can to epic water jumps in the middle of the lake!

Dog Friendship With a Lion

1 – Milo & Bonedigger

They might call the lion Bonedigger, but that sausage dog Milo might one day become a toothpick!

Author: Gus Barge

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