Ten Crystals and Minerals Good for Mental Health

Are you suffering from poor mental health? If so you might want to consider getting one of these Crystals and Minerals as they are said to be beneficial to our mental health. I’m not going to get into the discussion of whether or not there is any scientific proof they do this, I am just bringing you a judgment-free post about ten Crystals and Minerals that might make you feel a little better…


Amethyst - Crystals and Minerals Good for Mental Health


If you suffer from anxiety you might want to wear an Amethyst necklace or bracelet. It is said to help ground people when they need it most and is best placed in the hand while doing light breathing exercises.

Blue Lace Agate - Crystals and Minerals Good for Mental Health

Blue Lace Agate

This mineral is part of the Quartz family and is most noticeable from its blue stripes. It is said to relieve stress and even help people sleep which is why it is best placed on a bedside table near a lamp so you can see it and gain from its radiant energy.

Lepidolite - Crystals and Minerals Good for Mental Health


This is one of the most delicate minerals as well as the most abundant lithium-bearing minerals and is said to help people with depression as in necklace form it weighs heavy on the heart and tends to grab your focus rather than your own negative thoughts. People often use Lepidolite as part of their meditation process, but it is also a benefit in jewellery form.

Rose Quartz - Crystals and Minerals Good for Mental Health

Rose Quartz

This translucent, hard crystal radiates its soft pink energy to all of your body, but it said to be the stone of the heart, perfect for those who not only want love but for those who have also lost it. Simply holding it in the palm of your hand is enough to remind you there is always love out there even if it is in rock form.

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Sodalite - Crystals and Minerals Good for Mental Health


This royal blue tectosilicate mineral is one of the more stunning looking gemstones and it has an oddly waxy feel it it even when it is 5.5 on the Mohs scale (so quite a tough gemstone). Most people will wear this as part of a bracelet so that can reach for it when they feel a panic attack coming on.

Quartz - Crystals and Minerals Good for Mental Health


This is the purest form of the mineral and is often called “Clear Quartz”. It is mostly made up of oxygen meaning it is full of life-giving energy. When you are feeling down grab this crystal and it will pick you straight back up again after a few moments staring into its transparent abyss.

Black Tourmaline - Crystals and Minerals Good for Mental Health

Black Tourmaline

This deep pitch-black crystal stone is said to suck in both negative energy and electromotive force making it the perfect crystal to hang from your smartphone case or around the hand you use your phone with most often. Some people even say it helps them ward off the negative energy they get from using social media, but I find the Block button works just as well.

Red Jasper - Crystals and Minerals Good for Mental Health

Red Jasper

With its strong spiritual grounding vibration, this stunning stone is perfect for those who need grounding. Placing it in the palm of the hand it’s cold, smooth exterior reminds you to think in the now and appreciate all that you have. If you need a little cheering up this crystal is sure to boost your spirits.

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Haematite - Crystals and Minerals Good for Mental Health


While at first, it does look black haematite is, in fact, a reddish-black and it is often mined as the main ore of iron. This crystal is often found near hot springs which are proven to help aid people, so it goes without saying that this dark, thick crystal also has some healing powers even if it is just the healing of the mind.

Shungite - Crystals and Minerals Good for Mental Health


This black, non-crystalline mineraloid is one of the heaviest minerals on this list and is often found in Russia. Being one of the oldest healing stone in the world it is said to give you peace and tranquillity from the darkest of days. Plus it is nice and rough-textured making it great to hold in the hand.

Please Note that these ten Crystals and Minerals are for people with light/mild forms of the poor mental health signs they are said to fix. They are no replacement for therapy and you should always see your doctor or talk to your family if they get worse overtimes. Never, ever suffer alone as no crystal or mineral will fix deeper problems.

Author: Gus Barge

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