Ten of the Craziest Pizza Toppings You Will Ever See

We have already seen the worlds most popular pizza toppings, but this lot of pizza toppings is probably only eaten by one or two people worldwide. But you don’t have to be pure crazy to try these ten unusual pizza toppings, just very experimental…


The Hangover Brunch Pizza
The Hangover Brunch Pizza

10 – The Hangover Brunch Pizza (Source)

Scrambled eggs, sausage crumbles, tater tots, roasted red peppers and a white country gravy as a base spread. Yep, we are starting with a pizza that is more likely to give you a headache than take it away!

The Mediterranean Peach Pizza

9 – The Mediterranean Peach Pizza (Source)

Slather ricotta on the grilled dough, then top with sliced peaches, a drizzle of honey, and torn fresh basil. This is a pizza that doesn’t know what time of day it is or how it should be eaten. A very confusing pizza indeed, but an oddly sounding nice light lunch.

The McD’s Savermeal Special Pizza

8 – The McD’s Savermeal Special Pizza (Source)

While the 99p saver meals on the McDonald’s wouldn’t fill a sparrow, getting a few of them and placing them on a pizza certainly will!

The Taco Pizza

7 – The Taco Pizza (Source)

Homemade dough is topped with a pizza sauce made up of beans, taco sauce, and pizza sauce, two types of cheese, ground beef, lettuce, sour cream, more taco sauce then as many crushed up Doritos as you can get on it! This is one super crunchy pizza for sure.

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The Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza

6 – The Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza (Source)

I suppose you could always fold this small 7″ pizza over and make a PB&J sandwich out of it. But eating it sliced might not be even half as nice.

The Corn Dog Pizza

5 – The Corn Dog Pizza (Source)

Corndogs are not much of a meal on their own, more a light snack. But when placed on a pizza you suddenly have yourself a filling meal!

The Mealworm Meal Pizza

4 – The Mealworm Meal Pizza (Source)

While it won’t appeal to everyone, mealworms can be a great source of protein and looking at this pizza it’s surprisingly healthy!

The Spaghetti Bolognese Pizza

3 – The Spaghetti Bolognese Pizza (Source)

With a classic spaghetti bolognese taste and crazy look, I would imagine this is one very tasty and very filling pizza that would be best tried with your eyes closed.

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The Pickle Pizza

2 – The Pickle Pizza (Source)

Just when you thought pickles were nasty enough hiding in our burgers all the time, now they are out in the open and on our pizzas! Well…not mine, but someones!

The Scorpion Bite-Back Pizza

1 – The Scorpion Bite-Back Pizza (Source)

This is one pizza that might well be your last if the chef doesn’t remove the stingers properly. It might look weird to you, but in some countries, this would be a normal gourmet meal!

Author: Gus Barge

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