Ten Very Lovable Valentines Day Cats With Fur Hearts

Who remembers a song by The Cure called Love Cats? No-one? Well maybe it was too long ago, but maybe you should play it on youtube in the background because this post might not be inspired by the song, but it will fit in with it rather nicely. You see, much like us humans get birthmarks, cats get four marks! And this post is dedicated to a particular shape of fur mark that only very special Valentines Day cats have…

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Cat with heart-shaped fur
Cat with heart-shaped fur

10 – “My heart is in the place I love to be stroked, now keep going!”

TIP: Grooming your cat’s fur coat can be an enjoyable experience for your feline as long as you provide grooming at least once a week for short-haired breeds and two to three times a week for long-haired cats.

Cat with heart-shaped fur

9 – Love Those Legs

FACT: By maintaining a regular grooming regimen of your cat’s fur, you will be able to keep the fur free of clumping along with removing any debris that can become tangled in the clumps.

Cat with heart-shaped fur

8 – “My fur says ‘I love dot” but I have no idea who this Dot person is!”

FACT: Along with having a shiny, soft coat after brushing, the grooming process provides an additional value by stimulating the underlying vessels that can help promote new fur growth.

Cat with heart-shaped fur

7 – “It takes two, baby, it takes two, baby – To make a dream come true, just take two!”

FACT: Matted and tangled fur can be uncomfortable for your cat because as the clumps tighten, they pull on the skin.

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Cat with heart-shaped fur

6 – “I have a big hear, because I am a big cat!”

FACT: Keeping your cat brushed and removing any matted fur by clipping it away when necessary will keep your cat’s fur in a good state.

Cat with heart-shaped fur

5 – “Just because I am ginger, doesn’t mean I don’t have a heart!”

FACT: The combing and brushing of fur provides stimulus to their skin and blood vessels and promotes a shiny coat and it is also easier to see any hot spots on your cat such as flea eggs or ticks.

Cat with heart-shaped fur

4 – “Kitten hearts are fun-loving hearts!”

FACT: Let your cat investigate the brush so it’s not perceived as a scary object and then slowly begin to brush around the cat’s ears, back of the neck and under the neck. Gradually and slowly begin moving the brush over the back and sides to let it become accustomed to the feel of the brush and to let you gauge any resistance she may have.

Cat with heart-shaped fur

3 – “My heart shows how much I love those kitty nibbles you always bring home!”

FACT: Cats love to preen themselves and can spend extraordinary amounts of time licking and washing and just when you think they’ve finished, they’ll start the whole process all over again.

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Cat with heart-shaped fur

2 – “I wear my fur heart with pride because it makes me look like Superman!”

FACT: Short-haired cats also require a good grooming regimen. While they do not suffer from the clumping and matting their long-haired counterparts experience.

Cat with heart-shaped fur

1 –  You know my heart is right where I want to be smoothed.”

FACT: Always use an appropriate-sized brush and comb for grooming and maintain a schedule that fits your cat’s needs.

Author: Gus Barge

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