Ten Interesting and Tidy Facts About Bow Ties

Welcome to the charming world of bow ties! Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or a curious newcomer, there’s no denying the unique allure of this dapper accessory. Bow ties have a storied history and a modern resurgence that make them a fascinating topic. In today’s post, we’ll unravel some of the most interesting and tidy facts about bow ties that will elevate your appreciation for these stylish knots. From their origins in the 17th century to their iconic appearances on famous figures and in popular culture, bow ties are more than just a fashion statement—they’re a celebration of individuality and elegance. So adjust your tie, straighten your collar, and let’s dive into the neat world of bow ties as well as enjoying some funny pictures of cats wearing them as we go along…

Kitten Wearing a Black and White Spotted Bow Tie

10 – “Of course I dress up to watch Doctor Who! I am a true Whovian!”

FACT: Marv Beloff is the inventor of the wooden bow tie and sold his first one in 1993. But the strange part is he has sold over a million of them to date.

Cat Wearing a Union Jack Bow Tie

9 – “Of course I wear a Bow-Tie, I’m 100% British!”

FACT: A high-quality silk bow tie will require the cocoons of over 100 silkworms!

Cat Wearing a Vampire Black Bow Tie

8 – “I prefer milk than blood, but I am still kind of scary!”

FACT: The city of Shengzhou in China is officially the world’s biggest bow tie producers and they make over 200 million of them each and every year!

Cat Wearing a Red Bow Tie

7 – “They only make me wear this, so they can see me in the dark.”

FACT: Just how useful it might be is anyone’s guess, but it is possible to buy a bulletproof bow tie that will stop a 9mm bullet!

Cat Wearing a Knitted Bow Tie

6 – “…..please kill me.”

FACT: If a person starts to collect bow ties they are classed as a Grabatologist! Sounds like something very different if you ask me.

Cat Wearing a Green and Spotted Bow Tie

5 – “The luck of the Irish is what this bow-tie brings to be sure, to be sure.”

FACT: In some European countries it is considered office etiquette for women to always wear a bow tie! I have to say that I don’t think I have ever seen a female wearing one.

Cat Wearing a Black Bow Tie

4 – “I’m Copernicus, and I have been wearing these since Doctor Who was born!”

FACT: Bow ties are popular among a vast range of people. Women, children men and it seems even pets! But the fact here is that twice as many people are happy to wear a bow tie than a normal necktie.

Cat Wearing an Orange, Oversized Bow Tie

3 – “Now that was a party! What is that orange thing? Did I cough that up?!?”

FACT: Can you name all the professions that normally wear a bow tie? Well here are just a few – waiters, professors, Classical musicians, Clowns and paediatricians wear bow ties more frequently as compared with neckties because children could not grab them as they could do with neckties.

Cat Wearing a Green Shamrock Bow Tie

2 – “I might well be blind, but I still know that I look good in a bow-tie!”

FACT: Bow ties come in all shapes, sizes and indeed colours. But it is the common black bow tie that sells the most, in fact over 50% of all bow ties sold are black!

Cat Wearing an Orange, Patterned Bow Tie

1 – “I will not come out from behind here until you promise to take this thing off!”

FACT: In the early 80’s it was considered the comedy club dress code for everyone to wear bow ties! The audience, comedians and even the staff had to wear them!

Author: Gus Barge

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