Ten Dogs Who Just Love Eating Icecream Any Time of the Year

Despite it being a very cold summers day while I write this blog post, it all started when the Ice cream van came round our street. Now where I live in the valleys it is rare to see another person let alone a seemingly lost Ice cream van. So we decided to get an ice cream regardless of the fact that it was attic conditions. But for whatever reason, we had decided to get my dog, Alfie, an ice cream as well, and boy did he love it! He really was like a dog possessed! So it was at that moment I decided to find out just what was…


BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Facts About Ice-Cream


Brown Dog Licking Ice-Cream
Brown Dog Licking Ice-Cream

10 – “hold it still you keep moving it about!”

FACT: You might well like ice cream, but what type? I am not talking flavour here, I am talking types: frozen custard, frozen yoghurt, reduced-fat ice cream, sherbet, gelato, and it is said to be thousands of other ways to make ice cream and all that before adding the flavours meaning that can literally be Billions of ice-cream combinations.

St. Bernard Dog Licking Ice-Cream

9 – “Are you having a laugh? I’ve coughed up bigger things than that!”

FACT: While licking ice cream most of us have suffered from it, but “Brain Freeze” is caused because the cold ice is touching the roof of your mouth, which in turn causes blood vessels in the head to dilate!

Dalmatian Licking Ice-Cream

8 – “If I keep eating this maybe my own spots will turn multi-coloured!”

FACT: Studies show that the average ice cream can be finished off in 50 licks! Who on earth started to count?!?

Golden Retriever Licking Ice-Cream

7 – “This stuff is lick-tasty!”

FACT: Ice creams were introduced in the 10th century but were made from ice and real fruit, it wasn’t until the production of ice cream begun in 1851 in Boston, USA, that milk made ice-cream went mainstream.

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Poodle Licking Ice-Cream

6 – Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

FACT: More ice-cream is sold on Sunday (Or should that read sundae?!?) than any other day of the week! I wonder why?!?

Dobermann Licking Ice-Cream

5 – Even the toughest of dogs love ice cream!

FACT: an ice-cream cone is considered one of the most environmentally friendly forms of foods, because of the ingredients used, and that it not only degrades quickly but is also good for plants and wildlife!

Chihuahua Licking Ice-Cream

4 – “Ice cream tubs and maybe later some belly rubs, life is good indeed.”

FACT: Britain is said to be Europe’s 3rd biggest consumer of ice-cream and we eat 8 litres per person, but that is nothing compared to the USA where 21 litres per person is consumed!

Brown Dog Licking Ice-Cream

3 – Facial hair is always a problem when it comes to ice cream.

FACT: People will make ice-cream from just about anything, and indeed any flavour, Some weird ice creams include wheat, beer, Parmesan and there is even an ice-cream shop in London that makes it from humans breast milk!

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Bulldog Licking Ice-Cream

2 – “I always give a Standing ovation when it comes to ice cream.”

FACT: The most popular flavour of ice cream is the classic Vanilla, in fact, it covers about 30% of overall ice cream sales! But Chocolate is 2nd and strawberry 3rd.

Dog Licking Ice-Cream

1 – “If I just keep looking straight ahead I can’t see it disappearing!”

FACT: It is believed that the origins of ice cream date right back to A.D 54–68 where the Roman Emperor Nero was said to have sent many slaves into the tallest mountains to fetch snow and ice to mixing with nectar, pulp from fruits, and honey!

Author: Gus Barge

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