Ten Cats in Glass Bowls That Look Far Better Than Fruit

There are lots of posts on the internet that show cats are made from liquid. But I want to go one stage further. It is all well and good saying they are liquid when they are in a tin can or a small box. But to truly prove it once and for all we need to use glass bowls to see it with our own 2 eyes…


Top 10 Images of Cats in Glass Bowls
Cat in a Glass Bowl

10 – Cappuccino

Looking more like a big bowl of milky coffee rather than a cat comes this ginger and white cat that would make a lovely Cappuccino, and not small cup size here you get a whole bowl of the stuff.

Cat in a Glass Bowl

9 – Not Liquid

But what is going on here?! It seems that cats are not naturally good at turning themselves into liquid form, they have to practice over and over again. It looks like it might be this cat’s first time at it because it just looks really uncomfortable.

Cat in a Glass Bowl

8 – Sleeping Bowl

Only cats could find an empty glass bowl comfortable enough to sleep in. This cat seems to have mastered the art of turning into liquid and in fact has to rest in that form as well.

Cat in a Glass Bowl

7 – Fur Dessert

Looking much more like a furry trifle than a cat comes this (I think this is the correct term) tortoise shell coloured cat in a bowl. Fair play to it, it’s filling that bowl from top to bottom.

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Cat in a Glass Bowl

6 – Sit in

It seems this cat is far too young to understand that it needs a bigger bowl than its self if it wants to sleep in it. But that doesn’t stop it trying to fit in it anyway even if it does look more like a bucket seat.

Cat in a Glass Bowl

5 – Bowl of Smug

Looking rather pleased with its self is this cat that might have its eyes closed, but those ears say it is still ready for action despite being rather comfortable in the bowl.

Cat in a Glass Bowl

4 – Feet out

If an image of a cute little kitten in a glass bowl is not enough cute factor for you, it has its little feet up against the bowl for added cuteness! I am finding it hard trying to work out which foot is which!

Cat in a Glass Bowl

3 – Double up

I am sure that there is some motivation message to go with this poetic black and white photo. Something like “Try and find your own space in life” or maybe something like that as you can really only get a single cat in each glass bowl.

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Cat in a Glass Bowl

2 – Fruit Shoot

It seems that it doesn’t matter whatever else might be in the bowl when the cats enter it, they can form around it! It is so kind of this feline to keep the fruit warm.

Cat in a Glass Bowl

1 – Milk

This image has been around the internet more times than a Google Spider and is still one of the best images of a cat in liquid form that you are going to see. It looks as if it has melted into the bowl rather than slept inside of it.

Author: Gus Barge

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