Ten Ways to Calm Your Anxiety Without Eating

Ten Ways to Calm Your Anxiety Without Eating

Although you can learn that there are many ways to calm anxiety, the reality is that many times it is proposed that the best way to do it is by eating sweet things or other foods. To be honest, we believe that this is not an effective way to calm down when we are anxious, but rather the opposite.

Today we propose 10 ways to calm anxiety effectively and quickly. In addition, all the options that we present here do not involve eating as part of the solution, with which we avoid covering one anxiety with another (that of eating).

Drink a hot herbal tea

But be careful if it contains caffeine, as that could get you even more revved up when you need to relax. Try hot drinks like lavender or chamomile infusions.

Remember what it is to take a deep breath

it’s like when you couldn’t stop crying and your parents told you to take a deep breath and everything went back to normal. Give yourself the time to take a deep breath, connect with your breath and give your body the necessary oxygen.

Listen to music that calms you down

If what you need is a distraction from whatever is making you anxious, then music is a great outlet. Relax your mind and come back with it refreshed.

Or listen to music that makes you feel energized

But if slow songs are not your thing, you can try to divert your tension towards some kind of music that encourages and distracts you at the same time.

Go out for a walk

Physical activity often has a big influence on your mental activity, so simply walking can stimulate your brain to calm down naturally.

Ten Ways to Calm Your Anxiety Without Eating

Call someone you can talk to

This is something that works for me all the time, you just have to call someone with some time and understanding, tell them that you are a little anxious and wait for it to pass… Just having a conversation will help you a lot.

Repeat a motivational phrase

If you have not set out to find her, you should do it now and repeat it every time you feel that everything is about to get out of control, over time you will begin to trust her more and more and that will fill you with confidence.

Leave your space

Sometimes anxiety is very much determined by physical factors, say, for example, the room you are working in. Leaving that space will give you some peace of mind so you can return to your centre.

Get it off of you

Seriously, yell or do whatever feels necessary to let all that anxiety out and a weight off your shoulders. Just try to make this your last option.

Find silence

Another excellent option is to find some peace in the silence… Just eliminate whatever it is that is making you nervous and get away from the noise, for a few seconds. You will be thankful later.

These are the top 10 ways to calm anxiety without eating. We recommend that you try each of these techniques to see which one gives you the best results since there are people who feel better with one of them and others who calm down with the opposite.

Author: Gus Barge

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