Ten Things to Do When You Are Feeling Depressed

While these ten suggestions are all great ideas they are not supposed to be a substitute for proper mental health care. So, by all means, take note of these suggestions, but if you are still feeling down after trying all of these things maybe speak to a registered therapist or psychologist…

Ten Things to Do When You Are Feeling Depressed - Sleep


This should be your default thing to try if you are not feeling up to doing anything. Sometimes all it takes is a nice little power nap and other times you will sleep a long time. But as with all of these tips if you are feeling tired a lot do seek professional help.

Get Out The House

For some people, this is easier said than done, but a good brisk walk can clear the mind and bring much-needed air to the body. This doesn’t have to be a ten-mile jog, it could just be a walk down the local shop or around the local park. Maybe even drive somewhere nice for a walk like a beach or a lake.

Listen to Music

While you don’t have to get up and dance, just sitting down and listening to your favourite music, even if it is sad can lift the mind and spirit out of a pit. I always find classical music helps me, but anything you enjoy is fine.


Even if you don’t have friends and family to talk to just talk to your pets or even a houseplant. Sometimes sharing a problem even with a plant can make you feel a whole lot better.

Watch a Movie or TV Show

Sometimes putting on a favourite movie or TV show can be just the thing to lift you out of that depression pit. Just make sure that the movie is related to a happier time in your life and hot just an earlier time. Or even better try a new movie or a new TV show. It will hold your interest for longer and might cheer you up more than you thought.


This is something that most people who suffer from depression have drummed into them, yet it is also one of the most useful tools at our disposal. You don’t have to be a wellness master to benefit from some meditation, sometimes some deep breathing and clearing your thoughts is all you need to do.


If there is something that helps lift my mood it is blogging or just writing in my diary. Sometimes writing or sharing a thought can help you understand it better so always keep a little book of “thoughts” in your pocket to jot down anything that comes to mind.


Not only will cooking something from scratch make it healthier to eat, but it will also distract you from depressive thoughts! Baking a cake or making a homecooked dinner takes a lot of time and effort and this will help distract you for some time.

Play with a Deck of Cards

Maybe play a game of solitaire or just try building a house of cards, there are many things you can do with a pack of cards including using YouTube to learn tricks and new card games. Sometimes a simple pack of cards can bring hours and hours of fun.

Do Something Spontaneous

This doesn’t mean going bungee jumping off a bridge, it just means trying some new foods, visiting a supermarket you have not visited before or even trying a new food or drink. There are lots of ways to be spontaneous, even if it’s just moving a room around!

What do you do when you are feeling blue? Why not share your thoughts with all of us so we can all help each other get through the tough times.

Author: Gus Barge

4 thoughts on “Ten Things to Do When You Are Feeling Depressed

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  2. I do many of these. Sometimes I like being inside and sometimes I need to get out and be in the fresh air and with nature. A nice Park, or the beach can do wonders….

    I love to colour, and paint, and do arty type things. I like to write and blog on here (thought just started) and sometimes you just need to distract yourself when feeling triggered and so it’s good to put on a movie or a series and get into that.

    They can help to get you through a bad day. And a BPD bad day, is like “end of the world” type feeling, so we really need to distract and find something.

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