Ten of the Most Common Fears During Pregnancy

Ten of the Most Common Fears During Pregnancy

Although most of the time the news that you are pregnant is very exciting, there are other situations in which women feel many fears that appear during pregnancy due to facing situations that they do not know about or that they do not think they are capable of solving.

Next, we will see a list of 10 common fears that usually occur in women during pregnancy, at the same time that we will give you some advice on how to face these fears so that you can lead this beautiful part of life in the best possible way for you. and for your future baby.

Having an abortion

Surely it is the biggest fear that a woman suffers when she is pregnant. The truth is that the numbers of spontaneous abortions are relatively low, being less than 20% in the first weeks and decreasing to 3% after the 8th week of gestation.

Doing something that causes an abortion

The main thing is to abandon all negative habits such as alcohol, tobacco and drug intake, and follow the doctor’s recommendations so that the pregnancy proceeds normally.

Feeding the baby well

During the intrauterine stage, your baby feeds on what your body gives him, so the important thing is that you are feeding yourself correctly so that the little one also receives a healthy diet.

That the baby suffers from diseases or malformations. Although it is true that some things cannot be avoided, what is really important is that the rate of live and healthy births is much higher than the rate of complications, so you should not worry about this during pregnancy and instead look for do things that benefit your health and that of the baby.

Ten of the Most Common Fears During Pregnancy

Having a premature birth

Although it is not without risks, the fact of having a premature birth does not mean that your baby will be born with complications. Moreover, with the constant development of technology, more and more premature children survive and have a normal and healthy life like any other child.

Being overweight after pregnancy

If you eat correctly and follow your doctor’s recommendations you should not worry about your weight, because at the time of the birth of your baby you will recover your figure properly.

Suffer from gestational diseases

It is very important to carry out regular pregnancy checks, as they serve to be alert and detect any inconvenience in time so that it does not happen to adults.

The pain of childbirth

The female body is ready to give birth to her baby, so although it is painful, it is not impossible to bear. It is recommended to attend Antenatal classes where breathing and relaxation techniques are taught to have greater control during childbirth.

Ten of the Most Common Fears During Pregnancy

Suffering complications in childbirth

You can talk to your GP about the possible problems that may appear during childbirth and he will guide you on how to solve them so that you can be calmer with this point.

What to do next

Especially in first-time mothers, it is very common to feel little qualified to be mothers, but the truth is that nature is very wise and you will see that with the passage of time you will adapt to your work as a mother and you will be able to do it in the best way possible.

As you can see, many women experience these types of feelings when they find out that they are pregnant, but don’t worry because if you follow the advice we have offered you, you will surely be able to overcome these fears with peace of mind.

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