Ten Things to Do That Will Keep Your Mental Health Happy

Ten Things to Do That Will Keep Your Mental Health Happy
Ten Things to Do That Will Keep Your Mental Health Happy

I thought it would be a good idea to look at things that will keep your mental health from ever deteriorating. None of these things is a replacement for real therapy nor medication, but they can keep your mind happy and of course your mental health healthy…


Keep Your Mind Active

This doesn’t mean you need to join Mensa, but it does mean you should read a book, or listen to e-books or in fact, do just about anything that makes your mind work. Even playing some puzzle games can help! Maybe do some gardening as that will keep your mind active and your body. Talking of the body…

Keep Your Body Active

Don’t worry, you don’t need to go for a ten-mile run, you just need to go for a walk now and again. The government advice time is just 30mins of activity every day. And yes, walking around a supermarket does count towards that time. Even if you have trouble moving, you could do some breathing exercises just to stretch yourself and your muscles.

Eat Well

I have good news for you! Eating well doesn’t mean giving up every bit of food that you like (that is nearly always bad for you). It just means you should enjoy all things in moderation! If you want that cream cake (I know I do) then maybe have a healthier lunch and go for a walk afterwards. Eating well keeps the mind happy and some foods have been well proven to increase your mental health!

Drink in Moderation

If you enjoy a glass of wine or a few bottles of beer you should make sure you never drink to excess. There is a big difference between enjoying a few drinks with friends to drinking alone to cheer yourself up. Just a few drinks are often said to be good for you, but too much can be devastating to your mental health.

Talk to Others

Keeping yourself to yourself is all well and good for some people as that is what makes them happy, but for others lacking social interaction with people can be bad for their mental health. If you feel even a little bit down just talk to someone, even if that is just a quick post or message on Facebook, it getting your feelings out there than is the first step to dealing with them.

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Take Care of Others

This doesn’t mean you have to go work in a care home and start a career out of it. Talking care of others could mean taking care of animals. Heck, even keeping the bird feeder full is helping them, or maybe walking dogs at the local dog centre, just something no matter how small to make someone or something feel better is sure to make you feel better.

Sleep Well

Even a small break in your sleeping routine can cause problems with your mental health, so do make sure you get enough sleep. If you feel tired immediately after walking up you should seek medical help as there could be something else wrong with you, especially if that feeling persists. Sleeping well could even mean getting a new bed. It is suggested that you change your mattress every 8 years to keep its firm. Sleeping well is often the keep to good mental health so do keep an eye on this one.


What I enjoy watching it old stand-up videos on Youtube. Despite their humour being outdated, if you laughed at it once, the chances are you will laugh at it again. Comedians like Eddie Murphy can still make me laugh 20+ years after their show was recorded! Just do something or watch something that makes you laugh at least once a week, that way you will have something in your head that you can smile at all the times there is nothing to smile at.

Take a Break and Rest

Far too many people suffer from poor mental health because they are not resting enough and too busy doing things for other people. If you have holiday time left at work just take it and do nothing! Or on your weekends off do something that you enjoy doing. Whatever it is that helps you relax you should do it.

Be Aware

By being aware of mental health issues and knowing the causes of them can help you understand yourself a lot better. You don’t have to become a fully qualified psychologist, just read posts like this and maybe watch videos on the subject. Being aware of your own feelings and even others around you will make you more awake on all mental health issues and they say knowledge is power and never has that been truer than with mental health.

Author: Gus Barge

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