Ten Great Places to Hide Money at Home

Ten Great Places to Hide Money at Home

Hiding money at home is one of the concerns that millions of people face every day because many times we want to bypass the banks and we know that keeping large amounts of cash at home can be dangerous. At the time of inventiveness, there are certain techniques that allow us to hide money so that it is difficult to find in the event that an intruder breaks into our home.

Of course, the ideal would be to have a home safe, but sometimes that is not possible. Therefore we will show you the best places to hide money at home. As you can imagine, there are countless places where your cash will be safe, but the truth is that many of them become popular or recognized over time, so it is convenient to change it frequently so we feel more secure. It’s a matter of a little care and creativity. Let’s see then the safest places to hide money in cash.

10. An empty deodorant bottle can be the perfect place for a few bucks. Remember to leave it in the bathroom cupboard, as it is less suspicious there

9. If you have a vacuum cleaner, the hole where the bag goes is a place where no shit will ever look, yes, remember to remove what you hide when you go to use it

Keep money in jars painted to look full

8. Keep money in jars painted to look full

7. Removing a tile from the bathroom and turning it into a hidden storage compartment

6. You can hide a key under a pineapple. You bury it and leave only the top part exposed. We do not recommend using it in summer or spring, since it is not pineapple season it could be suspicious

hole at the top of the door

5. A hole at the top of the door is for storing small valuables. If it is in a metallic capsule, a magnet can help us extract it

4. With a little skill you can create a hollow deck of cards, with enough space for small things

3. If you have any unused cable boxes at home, you can refurbish them and turn them into your quirky safe

world globe map

2. By cutting a piece of a world globe map you can store some things inside

1. The radio battery compartment is an option, as long as the entire radio is not stolen.

These are the best places to hide money at home. Remember to be ingenious and keep the money in different places and that it is not all together, because in this way if they discover a hiding place at least you will not have lost all your money and they will have to try much harder to get the rest. We hope these tips have been helpful.

Author: Gus Barge

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