All over the world, there are lots of animal-shaped buildings (like these ones in my post: Top 10 Buildings That Look Like Animals) but I thought it might be fun to look at buildings that are only built to look like cats! This isn’t Caturday, it is build-like-a-cat-day…



Top 10 Buildings That Look Like Cats

Heisei Animal Hospital, Japan

10 – Japan

I would imagine going to the pet vet, or animal hospital is a scary thought indeed. So to try to reduce the stress levels The Heisei Animal Hospital is shaped to look like a cat! It doesn’t make the pet feel any better, but it might put the pet owners at ease.

Top 10 Buildings That Look Like Cats

Tashiro-jima, Japan

9 – Japan

This is the same island as my post “Top 10 Cats of Tashirojima Island” and on that very island, there are several buildings shaped like cats. Just like this one.

Top 10 Buildings That Look Like Cats

Nyan da Café – Tokyo, Japan

8 – Japan

Cat cafes are all the rage in Japan, and now they are starting to come over here in the UK. But will any of them have a cat-themed entrance? Probably not, but I would love it if they did.

Top 10 Buildings That Look Like Cats

Tama Museum, Wakayama, Japan

7 – Japan

A lot of these buildings are in Japan because they see the cat as lucky. This train station in Wakayama not only looks kind of like a cat but also has a cat stationmaster named Tama who is quite a little celebrity.

Top 10 Buildings That Look Like Cats

Kuching, Malaysia

6 – Malaysia

Some might say I am cheating a little bit here because it is only the entrance to the building that is cat shaped, well the entrance is part of the Kuching Cat Museum so it stands. Besides, it is part of the building, isn’t it?!?

Top 10 Buildings That Look Like Cats

Tashiro-jima, Japan

5 – Japan

We once again go back to Tashirojima the Cat Island, but this time to look at some cat themed holiday homes. Yes, you really can stay on cat island, in a cat-shaped chalet!

Top 10 Buildings That Look Like Cats

Nekozuka, Japan

4 – Japan

Why a cat-shaped bus shelter? Well, the legend is that there used to be an ancient temple near here called Saifukuji and the priest who lived in the main temple building had a love for cats. It is said that he was also buried alive with his cats remains! Creepy story, but I do love the bus stop.

Top 10 Buildings That Look Like Cats

Catskill, New York: Catamount People’s Museum

3 – New York

While not on many tourist maps or on people’s tourist destinations, this 15-foot tall cat-shaped building is built out of salvaged wood on an empty lot in the town of Catskill, NY. While the building looks amazing inside is a rather morbid affair with a mummified house cat and cat fossils.

Top 10 Buildings That Look Like Cats

Kindergarten Wolfartsweier – Karlsruhe, Germany

2 – Germany

When your Kindergarten looks like a giant white cat you don’t need to pay for any publicity because people are more than happy to post pictures of it everywhere. Much like I just did!

Top 10 Buildings That Look Like Cats

Alice in Wonderland Theme Park, Seoul, South Korea

1 – South Korea

I made this my number 1 for 2 main reasons. The first is that it is the only one I have seen with my own two eyes, this was the entrance to a gift shop at the themed park, but sadly it is closed down now, and the other reason is that it’s a mosaic made from recycled kitchen tiles! Well, I like it anyway.

Which one did you like?

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