Ten Crazy and Amazing Buildings That Look Like Animals

People ask me how I come up with these seemingly random top 10’s each and every day. Well, the truth is that it can often be easier than you think. You see the other day I did a post called “Top 10 Best Buildings With Faces” and one of the most popular images was my number 1 choice, the house that looked like a dogs face. So I got wondering how many other buildings and homes wherein the shape of animals! (see I told you it was easy) So without further ado, I bring you a post inspired by all of you reading this…



Building That Looks Like a Dog
Building That Looks Like a Dog

10 – Dog

I have no idea if it was deliberate or not, but this thatched cottage definitely looks like a dog, and it is the image that inspired this whole post. So I kind of had to include it.

Building That Looks Like a fish

9 – Fish

This funny shaped fish building in Hyderabad, India not only looks like a massive fish, but it is also home to the N.F.D.B the “National Fisheries Development Board” Classic.

Building That Looks Like a crocodile

8 – Crocodile

This awesome shaped hotel in Kakadu National Park, Australia is definitely one of my personal favourites. The only reason I didn’t rank it higher is if you were on the ground you might not even realise what shape it was. But it is still absolutely awesome!

Building That Looks Like a cat

7 – Cat

What is better than a Kindergarten that has a tube slide around the back the goes from the top floor to the ground? Only one shaped like a cat! This is just so right in so many different ways I love it, and I bet the kids do as well.

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Building That Looks Like a sheep

6 – Sheep

What better way to drum up a promotion that to make a shop in the shape of a product related animals! So it will come as no surprise to anyone that this wool shop in Waikato, New Zealand is one of the World’s most famous and popular wool stores. The best thing about this one is that the building next to it is a tourist information place and is shaped like a sheepdog!

Building That Looks Like an angry bird

5 – Chicken

Call it a chicken, call it an Angry Bird, call it whatever you like in fact! Because there is no denying this church in Florida is one crazy looking building and definitely animal inspired.

Building That Looks Like a Whale

4 – Whale

Sadly not much is known about this Whale shaped house located just south of Kinka Beach, before Emu Park. The only thing I did manage to find out was that it was originally part of a series of art buildings called “The big things of Australia” bad sadly it was abandoned, left to be overgrown and is now in a state beyond repair.

Building That Looks Like a cow

3 – Cow

Imagine milking this bad boy! Well, udders aside this is the Worlds biggest cow and is located near Wauchope, Australia, Strangely it had a gift shop on the ground floor and a butcher’s shop upstairs! What I do find even stranger than that is that it is called the big bull, not the big cow! I don’t know about anyone else, but it looks like a cow to me.

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Building That Looks Like an Elephant

2 – Elephant

Say hello to Lucy, because at 132 years old next month (JULY) and best of all is that she is a hotel and described as The World’s Greatest Elephant and myself for one agree.

Building That Looks Like a giant turtle

1 – Giant Turtle

What you are looking at might well look like it has been photoshopped but it is a real building in Kartini Beach, Indonesia. Best of all is that inside is an aquarium where you can see, touch and interact with the real thing! And it makes for one jaw-dropping building.

Author: Gus Barge

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