Top 10 Amazing Book Sculptures by Kelly Campbell

Kelly Campbell has been sculpting books since 2011 and uses nothing more than whatever is in the pages of the book its self. The words, illustrations and page numbers. So let me take you on a journey of what I think are her 10 very best works of art…



Top 10 Amazing Book Sculptures by Kelly Campbell
Tin Tin: Book Sculpture

10 – Tin Tin –

Growing up it was Tin-Tin and Asterix I relied on for my comic fix, now I could own my own little piece of Tin-Tin art because all these book sculptures you see here can be brought from the artist’s website or ETSY page.

The Jungle Book: Book Sculpture

9 – The Jungle Book –

The Jungle book is something that most of us have read. Now as those animals come to life as they not only come out of the original book, they also go into it as well!

The Cat in The Hat: Book Sculpture

8 – The Cat in The Hat –

To be fair to the artist it is really difficult to get the angle of these amazing illustrations just right. Made using a pair of scissors, tweezers, and a nice sharp craft knife I would imagine they take an awful amount of time.

Alice in Wonderland: Book Sculpture

7 – Alice in Wonderland –

A lot of the artist work is believed it or not custom orders. People give her the book to animate. Knowing that I started to wonder what book I would want doing and what pages and images?!?

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Superman Comic: Book Sculpture

6 – Superman Comic –

From her biggest sculpture (22″ x 28″ x 3″) of a book called “Medicine” to her smallest sculpture (6″ x 8″) which was “Arabian Nights,” there is no book that she can’t turn into a work of art. I suppose all books are art in some shape or form.

The Adventures of Robin Hood: Book Sculpture

5 – The Adventures of Robin Hood –

CNow this one I really enjoyed. The way the coloured characters clash with the constant black and white pages look amazing. But it is those word vines coming out of it that are really worthy of being noted.

Aquaman Comic: Book Sculpture

4 – Aquaman –

There is something slightly nerdy about the artist. From her choice of books and comics to the things that she picks to make stand out. Each work of art showing more and more of her personality.

The Walking Dead Comic: Book Sculpture

3 – The Walking Dead –

I just had to include this did I. Being an avid fan of the walking dead I think I am going to have to save up and get this one for myself.

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The Count of Monte Cristo: Book Sculpture

2 – The Count of Monte Cristo –

Take a book that has been turned into several plays, and then turn that book into a stage play itself! Seriously, the detail, layout and design of this are flawless.

Mayberry’s Insects: Book Sculpture

1 – Mayberry’s Insects –

We will all have our own opinion on which one is the best out of these ten, but for me, it was this one. Take an otherwise boring research book, cut the insects out and suddenly it becomes its own little wildlife scene.

Author: Gus Barge

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