Ten of the Craziest and most Unusual Washing Up Brushes

Sadly I don’t own a dishwasher, I AM the dishwasher. It just never seems to end. Breakfast plates and cutlery, then coffee cups, dinner plates and cutlery, and then all the evening meal stuff! So I have decided to amuse myself while standing at the sink for what seems like hours one end by buying one of these fun little things…



Top 10 Unusual Washing Up Brushes
Disco People Washing Up Brushes

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The disco era is back, but this time in the form of washing up brushes. In fact, it seems there is washing up brushes to cover all musical eras! So are you a Diva, Punk, Disco or Groovy kind of person?

Rubber Duck Washing Up Brush

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When you thought you had seen all the rubber ducks you could ever wish to see in my post “Top 10 Unusual Rubber Ducks” along comes a washing-up set that would not go amiss in the bath-tub. But it might make you a little sore scrubbing yourself with them, stick to the plates I say.

Man-Brush Washing Up Brush

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One of these brushes matches my exact face whenever I am doing the washing up. I will leave it to you to guess which one it is. Anyway, the Man-Brush! The perfect washing up brushes for us men. But I would prefer a new dishwasher.

Palm Dish Washing Up Brush

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Not only does this handy size palm washing up brush scrub well thanks to the palm held shape, but also it can dispense soap from inside its self for those extra stubborn food stains.

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Dee Purdy Washing Up Brush

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Said by some people to be the finest washing up brush on the market, this classic wooden style one from Dee-Purdy sure looks amazing and has changeable heads as well.

Sink Rest Washing Up Brush

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We all have that problem, that isn’t really a problem at all. You do the washing up, they have to stand the brush on the clean draining board, meaning bubbles get everywhere again! Well not with these sink rest designed ones!

Polished steel Washing Up Brush

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You might well be looking at the world’s most expensive washing up brush! This designer made, polished steel brush is sure to get those dishes clean in luxury style!

Queen Elizabeth Washing Up Brush

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I’m not sure “One” would approve of such a thing, but for those of you who do, yes! You really can scrub those dishes at washing up time with the queens head.

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The Simpsons: Marge Washing Up Brush

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Her family treated her like a washing up machine for years, and now you can as well by using her blue hair to scrub all those pots and pans! Or maybe you just like the Simpsons, either way, it will make you smile.

Bubble Scrubber Washing Up Brush

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We have all done it! Put our fingers in a hoop shape and tried to blow bubbles with them while doing the washing up, but now you can use the dish scrubbing brush its self! I definitely need one of these in my life.

Author: Gus Barge

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