Top 5 Biggest Wins in Online Slot Casinos

Top 5 Biggest Wins in Online Slot Casinos
Top 5 Biggest Wins in Online Slot Casinos

Online Slot casinos are probably the easiest to play and with low stakes too. Yet, some of the mind-boggling win the casino world has ever seen come from the slots.
You see, with the introduction of the progressive jackpots – a system where a fraction of each spin is put in the pot and gradually increases as several players play the slot machine. Usually, many machines are linked to the same pot to make it grow faster and bigger.

Now imagine just how insane the prize money can grow when no one has won the jackpot for a while. Today, online casinos pretty much rival land-based casinos in jackpot sizes with the adoption of progressive jackpot across several online slots.

Let’s take a peek into some of the biggest wins in online slot casinos over the years.


John Haywood, British Soldier, won €17.88 million playing Mega Moolah and set a new Guinness world record.

When British soldier, John Haywood woke up on one of the days in October 2015, little did he know his life is about to take a dramatic turn for the better.
The 26-year-old Afghanistan veteran only wagered 30 pounds playing Mega Moolah for a mere 7 minutes taking the slot for a spin 25 times. And then, to his surprise, the biggest jackpot the world has ever seen in online casino dropped on his laps.

According to John, everything felt like a dream – he couldn’t believe his good fortunes. Though, he said, he would use his newfound wealth to take care of his sick father.

Mega Fortune sends €17.86 million to Finland

It’s not every day, we hear or read the story of someone waking up not a millionaire but going to bed with a sizable amount. Well, that’s precisely the story of a 40-year-old Finnish player who chose to remain anonymous after winning a mouth-watering 17,861,800 euros playing the Mega Fortune.

The jackpot represents the biggest win in the online casino’s history. Interestingly, the winning ticket was played with just 25 cents. The obviously excited winner had this to say, “I laughed and cried at the same time.” The win represents NetEnt biggest payout since inception.

Mega Fortune

On September 24, 2011, a Norwegian gambler decided to have his regular fix of online casino. But, unknowingly to him, mother luck will smile on him.
His spin which won him the jackpot was the first time in history a progressive jackpot would be broken. The guys at the Guinness Book of records were so impressed that they had to include it in their reference book.

While being interviewed, he was asked where and how he intends to spend the money. The anonymous winner said, he would rest for a while to calm down before deciding how to spend his new fortune.

The winning was only the first in a series of big winnings in Mega Fortune Slot by NetEnt.

A Swedish man wins €8.57 million playing Mega Fortune

While Mega Fortune slot machine by NetEnt battles Mega Moolah by Microgaming for the undisputed title of the most generous payouts, in November 2015, Mega Fortune paid out a sum of 8,577,204 million to Alexander.

As the story goes, the 30-year-old was playing at night when he got the pop-up about the jackpot. He couldn’t believe his luck. He was so thrilled, he had to wake his wife to share the good news.

Alexander said he plans to pay off their mortgage, buy a new car and take his wife to their dream vacation.

A Mysterious player wins the biggest jackpot in an online casino on a mobile device from Mega Moolah Mobile

This goes to show just how your chance to win regardless of what device you are playing from.

In August 2016, a player with only the initials D.P. became the first player to win the biggest jackpot on a mobile device. The mysterious player was playing the Mega Moolah Mobile when he hit the jackpot.

Microgaming publishers of Mega Moolah Mobile had to pay out €7.9 million to the player who won the prize playing on his iPad.

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