Top 10 Casino Secrets: Video Slots Player Tips

Top 10 Casino Secrets: Ten Video Slots Player Tips
Top 10 Casino Secrets: Ten Video Slots Player Tips

Think online slots are all randomly generated, where it is all about luck? Well, that is true, but there are some tips that will help you do a lot better than most people. While they won’t counteract the randomness of them, it will increase the odds of winning…



10 – Don’t Jump Straight In

Why not play the slots you like the look of on the free mode for a while. This not only lets you get a feel of the game but the longer you play in this mode the more likely you are to receive a nice real money bonus when you sign up.

9 – Play Your Limit

Make sure that you know how much you want to spend, then divide it by 100 and never spin more than that amount. This tip is especially useful for the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals in betting shops. This will give you lots of playtime and it will make sure you never get too far out of your wallet even if you do play on a bit.

8 – Don’t Rush

With some video slots you can easily spin 100+ every hour, so keep it slow and enjoy seeing each spin roll in even if you already know it’s a looser.

7 – 10 & Walk

It might not be much of a win, but if you win 10% over what your budget was, walk away! This can often be easier said than done, but a win is a win unless you keep gambling it.

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6 – Forget Play Strategies

Forget all those hold, spin and coin backing tips, they simply don;t work anymore and mostly never did with older fruit machines! Video slots these days are all based on randomness and there really are no secret tips and tricks to playing them. Only good advice which these tips mentioned here are.

5 – Play Your Bonuses

You might prefer playing Rainbow Riches to every other online slot machine, but if your email bonus gives you 100 free spins on King Spins, why not play that instead!? You will get to play longer and make your original budget go further.

4 – Sign Up

Most online Vegas style casino slots have some sort of club membership or loyalty bonus, so why not sign up to a load of them and get the best bonuses you can.

3 – Play Hosts Off

Got an email for a massive bonus if you deposit such and such an amount? Why not goto the cashier live chat on another online casino site and tell them what the offer was, often they will at least match it and mostly better it. There is no harm in asking right!?

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2 – Stay With It

Don’t ever drink or do any form of heavy medication or drugs before or during playing online slots. It can often cause you to make mistakes or simply fall over your budget limit.

1 – Jackpots

The bigger the jackpot the less chance you will have of winning it! Know what you are playing and make sure you know what the real odds are of you winning anything.

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