Top 10 Youtube Channels That Will Make You a Better Poker Player

You can read a million web pages and thousands of E-Books, but watching a professional player and learning their tips is priceless. You really are serious about improving your poker game check out these ten YouTube channels that features professional-level tips and advice…


The Poker Bank
The Poker Bank

10 – The Poker Bank (Subscribe Now)

While slow on the upload rate, there is many great videos to learn some professional level tips. Their simple guide strategy videos are well worth a look.

Poker Central

9 – Poker Central (Subscribe Now)

This is a much more lighthearted look than the rest of them. With more of a lifestyle look at the world of poker. But still, there are good tips to be had almost every week.


8 – CrushlivePoker (Subscribe Now)

While it is a fairly new and upcoming poker channel the commentary and advice given in the videos is at such a high level that it was well worth including in this list.

Team NeverLucky

7 – Team NeverLucky (Subscribe Now)

If you don’t want your poker training videos to be too serious give this channel a go. Loads of laughs, some great poker tips and some truly memorable matches.

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Stones Live Poker

6 – Stones Live Poker (Subscribe Now)

While there isn’t much in the way of training videos, watching professional poker players winning with the live feeds is great way to learn some tricks of the trade.


5 – PokerVIP (Subscribe Now)

While it doesn’t have an amazing amount of content yet this is a super fast growing channel that has some great tips, casino discount codes and a few good poker strategies & training videos.

PokerSchool TV

4 – PokerSchool TV (Subscribe Now)

Featuring some hot tips from some of the superstars of Poker including Chris Ferguson to name just one. With lessons and guides, there is more than enough here to turn you into one of the top poker stars in the world.

PokerStars PSO

3 – PokerStars PSO (Subscribe Now)

The “PSO” part of ‘PokerStars PSO’ stands for Poker School Online and this really is the idiots guide to poker. From basic starter tips to true Jedi poker master skills. But this is not all for free, some of the video courses are PPV (Pay Per View) only.

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Gripsed Poker Training

2 – Gripsed Poker Training (Subscribe Now)

There are so many tips and training trick videos on this channel that by the time you have watched them all you would be playing poker in space somewhen in the future!


1 – PokerStars (Subscribe Now)

This is the ultimate Poker channel. With amazing tips, top 10/5 lists and loads of live games to watch the pros in action, this is the channel every poker player wants to be on.

Author: Gus Barge

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