Ten of the Very Best Countries To Immigrate To This Year

Ten of the Very Best Countries To Immigrate To This Year

Have you ever thought about living abroad? Does leaving everything – your house, work, and old life – seem appealing to you? This thought has crossed every person’s mind at least a few times, but only a few people actually have the courage to start a new life in a different part of the world.


Switzerland is the happiest country in the world with its stable economy and high levels of education and medicine. The process of immigration is not difficult, especially with the help of translation services companies that help with all the documents. In this country, people have a sense of security and confidence in the future and freedom to say and do whatever they want.


If you are thinking about moving to an English-speaking country with one of the most open immigration policies, Australia is a great call. The country cares about the well-being of its society and welcomes the immigration of businessmen and professionals, as well as talented students. Happy and tolerant people will help you adapt to the new place.



If you are looking for an island life where everybody is friendly and chill, Cyprus is perfect for you. It is considered to be one of the best countries for family life.

New Zealand

One more country that is open to immigrants, as the fourth of its residents come from other countries, is New Zealand. Diverse climate, one of the longest coastlines in the world, high quality of life and relaxed lifestyle are significant reasons to move to this part of the world.


Spain is a friendly and hospitable country with a good climate, cuisine, medicine, rather low prices compared to other EU countries, where foreigners feel quite comfortable. The right economic policy helped Spain to recover from the economic crisis, and now the indicators of employment level, GDP, and quality of life are higher than ever.



Finland attracts foreigners with a high standard of living, social protection of citizens, whose political rights and freedoms are strictly protected. There is practically no corruption and bureaucracy in the country, so the process of moving is easy. Finnish and Swedish are the only official languages, that’s Why you need an official translation of documents for immigration. Finland is renowned for one of the world’s best education systems, excellent ecology, and high-quality healthcare.


Canada welcomes immigrants from all over the world and has a soft family immigration policy. The process of obtaining citizenship in Canada is one of the fastest in the world. Diverse nature, excellent ecological policy, and friendly attitude towards visitors make this country so appealing for immigration.


A high level of education is one of the main reasons people go to the Netherlands, however, this country has so much more. Great opportunities for business and beautiful cities attract people from all around the globe.


Germany is far from being the easiest country to immigrate to with all the strict rules and procedures. However, Germany is also one of the first countries to be seen as the ultimate target for those who are thinking of immigration. Both in terms of employment opportunities and high quality of life, Germany has one of the leading positions.



Singapore, with its developed business environment and attractive tax structure, is one of the top destinations for immigrants. Their economic recharge is an example for other countries.

The decision about moving abroad is life-changing but, according to statistics, people feel happier in the new place they chose. Life is too short not to do what your heart wants!

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