Ten of the Very Best Musicians From the UK

Hello. I probably should introduce myself before I shove a top ten list into your face, shouldn’t I? Well, my name is Vanessa and I study journalism and I love music- that making a great combination I started a music blog, it’s called house in the sand. I’m from Germany but most of the artists I’ve worked with so far are from the UK. This leaves me thinking that there is some kind of factory where brilliant music people are produced. To convince you that this theory is the truth – here are my top ten musicians from the UK…

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Top 10 Best Musicians from the UK
Top Ten Best Musicians from the UK – Ed Sheeran

10 – Ed Sheeran

Starting off with the ginger who uses a loop station on stage. The personality in his music has the power to get to people and to let them relate to the words he sings. Plus he sometimes raps/speaks the lyrics – it’s a win-win.

Top Ten Best Musicians from the UK – Tom Odell

9 – Tom Odell

I know I know, this might look like a very mainstream list already – don’t worry, it isn’t. But Tom Odell is definitely one talented lad. Energetic and vibrant vocals paired with even more energetic piano based melodies. Have you ever seen him live? Did I mention he is energetic?

Top Ten Best Musicians from the UK – Keeva

8 – Keeva

Soulful vocal performances accompanied by atmospheric instrumentals. You are going to love this lady!

Top Ten Best Musicians from the UK – Liam McClair

7 – Liam McClair

Another jewel from the land of great musicians. Liam is one of these artists you should pay attention to because they are full of potential!

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Top Ten Best Musicians from the UK – Shoot The Rabbit

6 – Shoot The Rabbit

Four Welsh gentlemen who never fail to create great tunes. Depth, energy and catchiness – you can find it all. Plus – they’re really entertaining.

Top Ten Best Musicians from the UK – Ben Barritt

5 – Ben Barritt

I wonder how this guy would do at playing ‘Guitar Hero’. In real life he’s a brilliant musician who plays some fantastic riffs and writes such genuine tunes.

Top Ten Best Musicians from the UK – Gabrielle Aplin

4 – Gabrielle Aplin

Oh me oh my. Guitar based acoustic songs with so much honesty and passion. Stunning vocals and lovely tunes.

Top Ten Best Musicians from the UK – Jim Kroft

3 – Jim Kroft

Indie meets rock meets pop meets acoustic. All written by a singer/songwriter. This man writes lyrics that will either make you lose your sanity or make you want to eat a lexicon. In a good way. Deep lyrics, enthusiastic lyrics, word combinations that blow you away, expressions that take over your brain and incredible thoughts – if you’re looking for any of that – JK got you covered.

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Top Ten Best Musicians from the UK – The Arkanes

2 – The Arkanes

Give these guys an audience and they’ll make it theirs. Handmade rock music at its’ very best. Brilliant vocals, riffs and guitar solos that are on fire, a rhythm section that knows exactly how to lead tracks and lyrics that convince with cleverness. What else would you need?

Top Ten Best Musicians from the UK – Martin and James

1 – Martin and James

Hello heroes! These two guys have written some of the best songs I know. Two voices, both brilliant on themselves, poetic and honest lyrics, beautiful compositions that win you over with their charms.

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