Ten Iconic Characters Redesigned as Minions (Digital Art)

If there is one movie character I love it is the Minions from the film series “Despicable me”, they never fail to make me smile or indeed laugh. We have already seen some amazing merchandise in my post “Top 10 Best Minions Inspired Merchandise” so I thought I would show you some amazing digital art that takes some rather famous characters and replaces them with Minions!  I hope this makes you smile as much as it did me…


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Minions Redesigned as Carl Fredricksen from UP
Minions Redesigned as Carl Fredricksen from UP

10 – Carl Fredricksen from UP

Despicable Film Fact: While the language that the minions speak is gibberish the scripts always said that they spoke “minion-eise”.

Minions Redesigned as Wolverine

9 – Wolverine

Despicable Film Fact: Strangely, the idea for the “Despicable Me” films comes from Disney films like The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules and Tarzan!

Minions Redesigned as The Hit Man

8 – The Hit Man

Despicable Film Fact: In the scene where Gru is entering the “Bank of Evil” the subtitle over the door reads “Formerly Lehman Brothers.”

Minions Redesigned as Stormtrooper

7 – Storm Trooper

Despicable Film Fact: The number on the ticket for Swan Lake is “072069” which is the date of the first moon landing!

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Minions Redesigned as Batman

6 – Batman

Despicable Film Fact: There is a scene in the film where “Gru” finds a doll’s head in his bed, and it is supposed to be a parodying of the famous Horses-Head Godfather scene.

Minions Redesigned as Edward Scissorhands

5 – Edward Scissorhands

Despicable Film Fact: Hans Zimmer who is the soundtrack composer for the film also did the musical score for The Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Dark Knight!

Minions Redesigned as He-Man

4 – He-Man

Despicable Film Fact: the lovable Julie Andrews also provided some vocals in Shrek as Queen Lillian and Enchanted as the narrator!

Minions Redesigned as Sherlock and Dr Watson

3 – Sherlock and Dr Watson

Despicable Film Fact: There are many famous voices in the film, but it was the very first time that Russell Brand had ever done a character voice in his life!

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Minions Redesigned as SpongeBob and Patrick

2 – Spongebob and Patrick

Despicable Film Fact: The first film made over £150 million and went on to becoming the first Universal film to reach the milestone set by the 2007 film The Bourne Ultimatum.

Minions Redesigned as Super Mario and Luigi

1 – Super Mario & Luigi

Despicable Film Fact: The song You Should Be Dancing, which closes the first film, was a hit for the Bee Gees in 1976 and launched their celebrated disco period.

Author: Gus Barge

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