Ten Reasons to Choose Apps Over Websites for Online Casinos

Ten Reasons to Choose Apps Over Websites for Online Casinos

Sadly I am old enough to remember the days when a mobile was used to make calls and if you were really smart (and had a lot of money) you could also send a text. These days with modern smartphones you can pretty much do it all. Your mobile is a touch, a calendar, a web browser and now thanks to apps like Online Casino mobil they are also a mobile casino that you can play whenever you want, wherever you want. I personally prefer casino apps over using a web browser and here are ten reasons why…

Apps Are Safer

While you can argue that these days an HTTPS site is pretty safe and secure there is still a small chance it could be hacked, or worse hijacked. An app is a much safer connection to your favourite casino site and a much safer place to store your online wallet.

Apps Are Faster

There is very little faster than a mobile optimises app and when you compare those loading times to a normal casino website the differences can be black and white.

Better Personalization

With cookies, you can get some personalization over the web, but a mobile app offers a much more personal, tailored made experience based on the other types of things to watch or play.

Better Privacy

While this goes hand-in-hand with your personalisation many still see it as a bonus. Being able to tell the app what it can and can’t see is something people value even if a recent study showed only 11.2% of people actually read the things they are agreeing to.


Some people love them, some people hate them. But what I do hate more is missing out on those free spins, or bonus coupons that give you that all-important extra playtime. With an app you get those sent straight to you, you don’t have to trawl through a website looking for them.

They Work Offline

There are many features, even with casino apps that are still useable even when you are off-line. Things like Freeplay on slots and mini-games often work regardless if you have a connection or not. That is something a website obviously can’t do.

Better Branding

For a casino business apps are far better tools for getting their branding out to you. Things like their logo on the apps button, or a clean header once you open it up, or even a quick and simply loading intro to make it look extra special. It makes the user feel more wanted which makes them happy to use the app more.

Better Social Options

It’s not just the social chat rooms and multiplayer games a casino app offers, but also the other apps your smartphone houses. Things like Facebook, Whatsapp are just a thumb-flick away and you can be back on the casino app while still chatting to friends using any app you want. Its not that easy on the web as it requires a lot of different tabs to be open at once.

Easier To Navigate

Because of the very nature of a mobile app the UI needs to be super-simple, clean and fast. With a website, things can be hidden offscreen or behind menus, with an app, it is all right there at the flick of a thumb.

More Play Time

More Play Time

In an eMarketer2022 study, people spend an average of 3:47 daily using apps and only 0.23 seconds using websites. If this doesn’t show the benefits of using apps over sites I don’t know what is!

Do you use an app or a casino site for your online gambling needs? Have you tried a safe and secure site like https://utansvensklicens.casino/? Do let us know in the comments below. 

Author: Gus Barge

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