Top 10 (by Revenue) Largest Casino Companies in the World

This list of the ten largest casino companies in the world is ranked by their revenue, but many of these companies are not exclusively casino and gambling companies, some of them invest in other things and are always trying to innovate and predict the future of gambling. That is why this list will often change year on year. This list is proudly brought to you by Roulette77 simulator which is the perfect start for anyone looking to enjoy a quick game of Roulette.

It doesn’t matter what you are doing, maybe you want to download a real money pokies app, or visit a local bookies or betting shop, these are the companies that most people will recognise instantly. These are the ten largest casino companies in the world…


Paddy Power

10 – Paddy Power (Ireland) – $3.78 Billion

These days Paddy Power and Betfair are the same things, the two formed in 2016 and have gone on to be Ireland’s biggest gambling powerhouse. While they are not as well know in Vietnam as ku casino they are still a big contender in the online betting scene.

Melco Crown Entertainment

9 – Melco Crown Entertainment (China) – $3.97 Billion

They have been pretty much in charge of the gambling scene in Macau since 2003 and have gone on to become a global success in pretty much all they do.

Wynn Resorts

8 – Wynn Resorts (USA) – $4.1 Billion

Wynn Resorts make paradise locations and if there just so happens to be a nice gambling location near there, then it is probably theirs.


7 – Genting (Malaysia) – $4.6 Billion

This super powerful Malaysian conglomerate has over 41 years of experience in the casino industry and when they back a winning location, it pretty much always wins.

Caesars Entertainment

6 – Caesars Entertainment (USA) – $4.7 Billion

Many people (including myself) would have predicted this to be number one. After all, they own and operates over 50 casinos and hotels, but barely make a scratch in this list.

William Hill

5 – William Hill (UK) – $5.17 Billion

William Hill was gambling way back in 1934 when it was illegal to gamble! Yes, this was once a criminal mastermind company, now of course gone legit.

SJM Holdings

4 – SJM Holdings (China) – $6.34 Billion

Once upon a time SJM Holdings held the monopoly on Macau’s gambling industry and was said to have owned 95% of all the casinos!

Galaxy Entertainment Group

3 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (China) – $6.6 Billion

Galaxy Entertainment Group is another group that own and run a lot of casinos in Macau, but they also own many other things all over the world.

MGM Resorts

2 – MGM Resorts (USA) – $9.2 Billion

A company that makes gambling a vacation choice rather than a lifestyle one. Sure they have a lot of casinos on their books, but also a lot of hotels and resorts. (plus quite a few golf courses.)

Las Vegas Sands

1 – Las Vegas Sands (USA) – $11.69 Billion

The home of gambling, so, of course, they are the biggest company. But with more and more people turning to online gambling, this is a company that will only get smaller and smaller unless they invest heavily in online gambling. Which of course, they do anyway. But for how much longer can they hold this number one spot? Only time will tell.

Author: Gus Barge

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