Ten Things To Expect From Japanese Casino Resorts

Ten Things To Expect From Japanese Casino Resorts

Gambling establishments of the stationary type are gradually being introduced in Japan. The process may seem simple and uncomplicated, but in fact it is much more complicated. The country’s leaders want to protect players from potential risks. But in reality, this leads to the fact that gambling operators face impressive problems. The Japanese government has repeatedly stated that security will be a priority during the expansion of the country’s gambling market.

This is reflected in the fact that quite strict rules have been developed for the operators of casino resorts. Today, you can already clearly see the impact that these controls used by the government have had. The gambling industry is feeling such innovations regarding the funding rules quite clearly and it is expressed in the formation of serious obstacles in the work. Until gambling operators get used to the new rules and understand how to work with them, casinos cannot be launched. This means that the launch will be delayed and therefore the exact date of opening will be difficult to predict. Recall that at the moment there is a discussion about the possibility of the legalization of online casinos in Japan. For more information, visit: https://onlinecasinowiki.com/. And in the meanwhile, we can talk about ten things you should expect from these newly opening Japanese casino resorts…

A Delayed Opening

Insiders claim that they’ve already had to delay the opening date of the first casino in Osaka. According to the information provided, the owners assumed that the complex will launch in 2024. Now it was necessary to push back the date to 2025. What is the reason for this? Parliament indicates not only clear requirements with regard to the rules of payments to players.

Pachinko Everywhere!

They might well have card tables and endless amounts of slow machines, but there will be at least 1 pachinko parlour in every resort and this will lead to a growth in the number of players who enjoy the game and worldwide knowledge of how to play it.

Big Hotels with Plenty of Room

Requirements are prescribed even with regard to the size of the resort area. Owners must also allocate a certain number of hotel rooms. It is impossible to deviate from this parameter. This will mean the resorts will often be far bigger than what is necessary giving anyone visiting a much grander visit than they might be expecting.

More Expensive Than US Casino Resorts

A special word deserves the tax rate, which is set at 30%. This is another controversial point, around which the debate. All this creates difficulties for gambling establishments to get help from state banks. Financing this industry becomes unprofitable for financial institutions. Kentaro Maruto of KPMG Tokyo, a prominent expert in the gambling industry, argues that when applying to a government agency, a casino resort owner must record a written commitment made by the bank. But will financial institutions take that responsibility? Most likely, they won’t have to rely on it. In addition, the Gambling Control Commission has stated that it does not have the appropriate resources to proceed with the planned activities on the scheduled date. Earlier, local media reported that the commission would begin work in July. But that time will apparently be delayed until February.

A Limited Number of Casino Resorts

With regard to licensing and selection of sites for the development of resorts, the hope for the implementation of these processes will have to wait until the second half of 2020. At the moment, Osaka Prefecture is busy writing out individual details of the strategic plan for issuing a license to build a resort. One of the three licenses for such activities will have to be issued, as well as the management of the integrated resort in the future. If these plans succeed, the project will receive an investment of $8.5 billion.

Ten Things To Expect From Japanese Casino Resorts

Dream Island

Of the 3 contracts awarded to the opening of these Japanese casino resorts, it is Osaka’s “Dream Island” that is sure to be opening first. With a ¥1tn (£6bn) budget this will almost certainly be the biggest and the best of all the resorts and according to Osaka’s mayor, Ichiro Matsui it will be “an engine of sustainable economic growth for Osaka and the region,”

Large Investments

Casino resorts in Osaka and Nagasaki are just the start, you should expect large amounts of investment from other parts of Japan once the first few prove their worth. It could well lead to exciting growth in many areas of Japan that have not had luck enticing tourists.

Tourism Boost

Japan has some stunning locations to visit, so it goes without saying that there will be a showcase of things to see and do at these casino resorts with tours and excursions going to all the major tourist locations which will, of course, lead to a huge amount of extra tourism.

More Horse Racing Tracks

There are a number of high-profile horse racing tracks in Japan so it goes without saying that at least a few of these resorts will end up having them in place for betters to enjoy.

Expect a US Vibe

From the big hotels, to the casinos with hundreds, if not thousands of slot machines, Japanese casino resorts will almost certainly capture the essence of the Las Vegas casinos with their spectacle and grandeur. They will want to go head to head with the US and have the potential to one-day be the gambling capital of the world. But until that day these ten things are sure to be worth seeing and experiencing yourself.

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