The Top 10 Blackjack Movie Scenes of All Time

Alongside other widely-played casino gambling games, blackjack remains one of the strongest card games playable inside casinos because of the thrill and enjoyment players get from it. Because of this game’s intense popularity, blackjack has been shown on big screens several times. This has made the game become well-established in today’s culture.

Different film genres have shown blackjack to moviegoers, from happy comedic movies to more serious gangster action-type films. This article will discuss the top ten blackjack movie scenes of all time.

Rain Man

1. Rain Man

Probably one of the most famous blackjack scenes ever shown in a film, Rain Man has become a standard that all other future portrayals look up to.

This film’s blackjack scene does not accurately show blackjack’s proper technicalities and card counting. However, the scene is still popular because the director was able to display the unmatched intensity and drama of playing blackjack.

The scene showed such intensity by making it seem like the viewers were also betting on the cards. Recreate this scene by searching for the best online blackjack casinos that pay real money and earn great rewards!

2. The Hangover

This comedy flick contains another of the best blackjack scenes: Alan and the boys try to win $80,000 to pay off their debts and get their buddy, Doug. On their drive to Las Vegas, Alan reads a book on how to count cards before becoming the hero and winning the targeted $80,000 at a blackjack table. The scene showed how nerve-wracking blackjack can be while still maintaining the comedic tone.

3. Austin Powers

Austin Powers is a parody version of the famous James Bond. Sometimes, adding a little humour to intense gaming scenes is necessary. This film did so with Austin Powers, who is fully confident and plays blackjack with the movie’s villain, Number Two. Austin then made the worst possible decision when playing blackjack: staying at the table when dealt a five.


4. Swingers

The film showed a blackjack game in a very quick scene where the main character starts the game strong, betting high stakes with a minimal punt of $100. He proceeds to double down his bets and loses. After reeling such a loss, the protagonist switches to more affordable tables.

5. License to Kill

The blackjack scene in License to Kill is famous because of its unusualness. James Bond is known to be a man who plays baccarat, but in this hit film, he challenges the main villain alongside some casino owners in a game of blackjack. He proceeds to secure a big win of £250,000 against the villain.

6. Johnny Got His Gun

Alongside the best blackjack scenes in movie history is the scene in Johnny Got His Gun. This flick contains so many compelling moments of blackjack that still feel fresh even with the age of the movie. The film shows the relationship between the players playing blackjack, which became an emotional background for some of the most real casino dates in the film industry.


7. 21

This film was mainly about blackjack, which is why it is a no-brainer on this list. Watching the entirety of this movie shows a thrilling tale of ethics and morality when it comes to playing blackjack in Vegas. The famous scene where the professor, Kevin Spacey, leads his charges aiming for a jackpot is an extremely reeling and realistic gambling scene.

8. The Cooler

This movie also shows several blackjack scenes to appreciate because the film itself is based on coolers, individuals that casinos hire because of spreading bad luck. Coolers might spread their bad luck when playing blackjack in real casinos, making them unable to win.

9. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

The film that started Jack Nicholson’s movie career and became a cult classic was able to reel in many viewers worldwide. A very recognizable scene in the movie involves blackjack. This is where Jack Nicholson’s character convinced the other patients at a mental institution to play blackjack.


10. Croupier

Different from the rest of the blackjack gambling scenes found in movies, Croupier is a unique gambling film because it tells the story of the dealer instead of the gambler. The main lead is a blackjack dealer that goes into a problematic debt-filled world, showing the sensitive side of gambling.


Because of blackjack’s popularity as a card game, many great classic movies have shown blackjack in one of their scenes. A blackjack game is recognizable, even for people who have never played the game. This is why famous movies have no problem showing just how thrilling the game is.

Author: Gus Barge

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