Ten Pictures of Animal Shaming That Point the Dirty Finger of Guilt

We have already seen the art of both Dog Shaming and Cat Shaming but now it is time to look at the rest of the animal kingdom. During my searching for these images I have come to realise that all animals have a naughty streak, not matter how cute they look. So without a dog or cat in sight, I bring you…


Top 10 Examples of Animal Shaming
Bearded Lizard Shaming

10 – Lady Popo

I can’t decide which is worse. The poor quality of the rug that even a Lizard doesn’t want to nest in it, the fact that it poops all over the rug anyway, or the fact that the owners have decided to call it Lady Gaga! To be honest, it is all weird, but worth a laugh of shaming it anyway.

Top 10 Examples of Animal Shaming
Guineapig Shaming

9 – The Brother Bad

Is it just me or did the one that did the pooping look like a bad boy anyway?!? Well maybe these are the brothers daft, but they look like a real comedy dual and this shaming proves it.

Top 10 Examples of Animal Shaming
Goat Shaming

8 – Goats or rams?

The shame sign might be a little hard to read, but you get the point because of the fact that the fence is different colours! Sure it is naughty, but they were just a little over excited to see their owner. I say let them off because it must have hurt their heads doing it!

Top 10 Examples of Animal Shaming
Turkey Shaming

7 – Gobbler Gus

Turkeys are not an animal that cares what people think. They gobble, gobble all over the place, boss their hens about and generally cause chaos.  But this guy has gone too far and tried to hump snow! Well maybe if it looks like another chicken we could excuse him.

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Top 10 Examples of Animal Shaming
Fish Shaming

6 – Jaws

I know myself that some fish just like to be alone with their thoughts, so when they are in a tank with others things can get a little weird and one will often end up eating the other. But it seems that Jack the Kipper here has gone one step too far.

Top 10 Examples of Animal Shaming
Tortoise Shaming

5 – Snacker Jack

Tortoises are one of those creatures that might look slow and harmless, but in reality, they are rather quick and trouble all the way.  This one really doesn’t look like he cares what people think and is probably just about to eat his own shaming sign.

Top 10 Examples of Animal Shaming
Hedgehog Shaming

4 –Spike on the poop hike

This is just wrong and he should feel ashamed. But hedgehogs always have that face that seems to say “I don’t care” after all, if you go to punish him he would just curl up into a ball and become un-punishable!

Top 10 Examples of Animal Shaming
Rat Shaming

3 – Rat-a-tat, tat cupcake stealing rat.

Rats and indeed mice only have themselves to blame for be caught stealing food. They leave a trail of crumbs like it was a path to shame! And besides, I am sure it was a very tasty cupcake otherwise the rat might have brought it back!

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Top 10 Examples of Animal Shaming
Rabbit Shaming

2 – Gummi Bear Bob

We have all done it! Well OK maybe not. But it seems the rabbit does, but what worries me more is that the rabbit can run around lose all night! Well, I think it is weird anyway, and it seems the rabbit gets up to now good anyway!

Top 10 Examples of Animal Shaming
Chicken Shaming

1 – Pecker Harris

To be fair she really looks like a head pecker as well! But isn’t that what all chickens do anyway? Well regardless of the head pecking, this naughty chicken still eats all the bread it seems and that is something worth shaming it for.

Author: Gus Barge

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