Ten Amazing Body Art Illusions by the Talented Choo-san

I myself don’t have any tattoos at all, but I do appreciate a good skilled tattooists work. These days it seems they have to become more and more creative with tattoos. What you are about to see is in no way digitally manipulated. This is the work of artist Choo-San who paints and creates elaborate makeup illusions on people’s bodies using acrylic paint…


Top 10 Body Art Illusions
Neck Switch Body art Illusion

10 – ”switch me on”

By painting directly onto the skin with acrylic paint the artist creates the clarity needed to make the illusions look very real indeed. Sometimes with a political message, sometimes with a heartfelt style. But always amazing art none the less.

Top 10 Body Art Illusions
Skin lift skeleton Body art Illusion

9 – ”Taking an X-ray”

With the amazing artwork done, you will see that most of these images are taken with a background that corresponds to the background of the artwork. So this amazing skeleton illusion is taken on a black background because it makes it look scarily real indeed.

Top 10 Body Art Illusions
Pumpkin Face Body art Illusion

8 – ”Happy Halloween!”

If only I had even half the skills needed to pull of this amazing work of art for Halloween parties. The depth of the 3D illusions is mind-blowing and really shows just how amazing this artist is.

Top 10 Body Art Illusions
Pills in arm Body art Illusion

7 – ”You have the right to sexual and reproductive health services”

This is one of the more political and rewarding pieces the artist has made. It was created for the campaign “My Body, My Rights” in conjunction with by Amnesty International. A very worthy cause and message.

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Top 10 Body Art Illusions
Book Spine Body art Illusion

6 – ”You have the right to know and learn about your body, sexual health and relationships.”

Once again created for the Amnesty International campaign “My Body, My Rights” is this amazing book spine illusion. Once again take note of the background colour matching the background of the body art.

Top 10 Body Art Illusions
Double faced Body art Illusion

5 – ”You have the right to choose who you love.”

Another body art illusion for the Amnesty International campaign “My Body, My Rights”, but this time was done on the face to amazing effect. It is so good in fact, that it is almost too hard to tell where the real persons face starts and the artwork ends!

Top 10 Body Art Illusions
Broken Face Body art Illusion

4 – ”You have the right to live free from rape and sexual violence.”

Yet another one from the stunning set of Amnesty International campaign “My Body, My Rights” body illusion artworks. This time a broken face is done to not only portray a message the campaign has, but also to make it shocking so it sticks in the mind.

Top 10 Body Art Illusions
Zipper Body art Illusion

3 – Title Unknown

Sadly it doesn’t have a title to this one, but it is from the set for Amnesty International. The double zipper effect is so deep it almost looks painful, let alone real! But that is the power of this artist and the message he is trying to portray.

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Top 10 Body Art Illusions
Batteries Body art Illusion

2 – ”Batteries not included”

It is almost impossible to tell where the fact plastic lid starts, and the real arm with art on it begins! There is no real message or point behind this one. Just good, amazing art.

Top 10 Body Art Illusions
Buttons Body art Illusion

1 – ”Hadakoromo shirt open and close”

I have no idea who Hadakoromo is, or indeed how long he had to sit still for this body art to be applied to his body. But I do know it looks amazing and it was the first image by Choo-San that I saw, so I thought it should be number 1 because it sparked my love and indeed respect for the artist work.

Author: Gus Barge

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