Ten Amazing and Unusual Things in Beards (Beard Art)

The obsession with facial hair on the internet is getting a little out of control. I can handle all this Movember stuff because it is for charity, but when I came across Pierce Thiot and his wife Stacy Thiot’s Tumblr feed called “Will It Beard” I knew the internet had gone too far. In what I can only describe as art and science in beard form I bring you…


Top 10 Amazing Things in Beards
Raw pasta in beard

10 – Raw Pasta – willitbeard.com

Getting food in your beard is an everyday part of having a face rug, but even by my own messy eating standards, this is amazing! A whole meal in a beard.

Top 10 Amazing Things in Beards
Lego in beard

9 – Lego – willitbeard.com

If being able to hold a substantial amount of Lego in a beard doesn’t impress you, not a lot will. An impressive 8-bit beard if ever I saw one.

Top 10 Amazing Things in Beards
Googly Eyes in beard

8 – Googly Eyes – willitbeard.com

I have often wondered if a beard traps small flies and insects, but with a beard as mighty as Pierce’s you get wild animals in it! The strange part is they all have only one eye.

Top 10 Amazing Things in Beards
Pencils in beard

7 – Pencils – willitbeard.com

There is never a pencil around when you need one, but Pierce has that covered by carrying an entire pencil-case around inside his beard! Practical and beautiful.

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Top 10 Amazing Things in Beards
Slinkys in beard

6 – Slinkys – willitbeard.com

It might do well at going down the stairs or a ramp, but down a face and beard poor Slinky gets tangled up and ends up in a right old mess.

Top 10 Amazing Things in Beards
Wild Flowers in beard

5 – Wild Flowers – willitbeard.com

This is sadly inevitable. With seeds being blown about by the Autumn winds wildflowers of started to grow in Pierce’s beard. Just wait till the oak seeds start as well!

Top 10 Amazing Things in Beards
Plastic Straws in beard

4 – Plastic Straws – willitbeard.com

Making sure your beard doesn’t dry out is a full-time job. But clever Pierce just inserts straws to help it drink for its self! That looks like one thirsty beard.

Top 10 Amazing Things in Beards
Cotton Wool Buds in beard

3 – Cotton Wool Buds – willitbeard.com

Keeping a beard clean can be a real nightmare. (See my post Top 10 Strange and Unusual Beard Gift Ideas for a cleaning kit), cotton wool ear buds are just not going to cut it.

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Top 10 Amazing Things in Beards
Party Cocktail Umbrellas in beard

2 – Party Cocktail Umbrellas – willitbeard.com

It’s party night in Pierce’s beard. So what better way to make the party that extra bit special than to have an entire parade of cocktail umbrellas outside it.

Top 10 Amazing Things in Beards
Flags in beard

1 – Flags – willitbeard.com

Due to worldwide budget cuts, the UN is now held inside Pierce Thiot beard! But the good news is there is plenty of room for the flag display outside. – Please do make sure you visit one of the links as there are hundreds more and they really are well worth following just to see what is next inside the beard that seems to hold just about anything and everything!

Author: Gus Barge

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