Ten of the Worlds Most Amazing & Unusual Door Knockers

A while ago now I posted “Top 10 Most Amazing Door Handles” and while it might have sounded like a rather boring top 10 it did seem to go down rather well. So let us see if I can make doors interesting once again as we take a look at…



Bird inspired door knocker
Bird inspired door knocker

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This is said to be inspired by a woodpecker but I can’t see it myself. But what I can see is the creative design and a knocker that would be perfect hung on a county door.

Lovers kiss inspired door knocker

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This is kind of sweet, inspired by love’s first kiss this romantic escutcheon is a joy to look at and would make knocking any front door a joy to do.

Lobster inspired door knocker

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While that title might make it sound like a joke it most certainly isn’t. perfect for any sea-going family door or maybe just someone who likes the lobster of something a little unusual it would most certainly bring a smile to anyone’s face. Why is it so expensive? Well not only is it made from solid brass but it is also signed by the Artist Michael Healy himself!

Dragonfly inspired door knocker

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As you can tell by my post “Top 10 Most Amazing Dragonflies” I do love these 4 winged bugs a lot and this one that is made from solid brass with a weathered bronze patina finish making it a rather nice door knocker indeed. Might get one of these ones myself!

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Hunting cat inspired door knocker

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This is not so much a simple door knocker but more a work of art! These knockers inspired by artist Derek Bernstein and hit cat Rosie (with a mouse being the main knocking section) executed in traditional lost wax bronze casting, each piece is unique and signed and numbered by Derek himself. This is door knocking, masterpiece style!

Cowboy Boot inspired door knocker

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At a price that is surprisingly low is this cowboy boot shaped door knocker! It is creative, well made and sure to be at home in a western or family door. Let’s kick that door in!

Hand Slap inspired door knocker

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If you should ever take a trip to Morocco keep an eye out for some rather amazing door knockers! They are all in the shape of hands and made of solid brass, iron or even wood! It is said that the five fingers that appear on a Moroccan door knockers refer to the  five pillars of Islam. No matter what the reason behind them they are amazing none the less.

Pirate inspired door knocker

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If you are having a pirate themed party or maybe just like pirates this scary looking door knocker made with tough urethane resin is got to be the one for you. And not a bad price at all given how creative and unusual it is.

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Snail inspired door knocker

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I have to admit that I do love snails, and this snail door knocker is not a bad idea at all! It has a great price and comes in brass, chrome, and iron. Just don’t knock too fast!

Modern rock inspired door knocker

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Modern, natural and exclusive looking makes this door knocker one of the very best. Its clean fresh design makes it so much better then the rest it is silly. While it is nothing more than a door knocker at the end of the day the price is still not bad for such a cool design.

Author: Gus Barge

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