Ten of the Craziest Door Knobs and Handles You Will Ever See

As an adult with a young child, my TV time is taken up with 80% kids channels. But as most parents will tell you there are times when the makers/producers or writers of these shows slip in a little bit of adult humour. And the other day while watching an episode of “The Hoobs” one character told the rest of them that she couldn’t play because she was busy polishing her knobs!!! Well, of course, I fell about laughing much to my child’s confusion. But maybe it was just my rude mind because really she was just talking about her collection of door knobs, so to redeem myself I have decided to bring you…


World Globe Door Knob
World Globe Door Knob

10 – he’s got the whole world…in his hands!

Simple, beautiful and rather cool! Sadly it might well seem that door handles are much cooler than I might have first thought, and this first one (that is in fact made to look like the Earth itself) is a great start of things to come.

Door handle that becomes a torch

9 – I’ve pulled it off!

This rather genius (or pointless) torch is, in fact, a door handle, mood light, leadlight and flashlight all in one thing! I am not so sure it is such a great idea, but I would love to have one if only to try it out. Certainly would be handy if the electricity went!

Hand shaped Door Handle

8 – The handy door handle!

I am not sure if I like this or that it just looks cool, either way it is still amazing and would certainly make a great talking point. Sounds good to me, let’s shake on it!

Doorknob that shows what is in the room behind

7 – I can see through doors!

You don’t have to be Superman to see through doors, not when you have this rather odd door handle anyway, and it is nothing more complicated than a mirror reflection of what is on the other side of the door. Sounds quite an odd idea, but also a good one as well.

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Animal shaped door handles

6 – The perfect door handles for zoos

These rather impressive animal shaped door handles are in fact all endangered animals and all the money raised by selling them goes to conservation charities that protect them!

Old toothpaste tube used as a door handle

5 – Minty fresh door handles!

This is kind of extreme recycling, but what you are looking at is toothpaste tube that has been filled with some sort of hard setting substance and then turned into a door handle! Located in The Green Backpackers, Mitzpe Ramon”(much like number 1) it is still great recycling if a little odd.

Lightsaber inspired door handles

4 – Use the force and open up the door!

Is there anything that can’t be designed by nerds?!? Well, I have not found it yet if it exists, but in the meanwhile what about checking out these cool Lightsabre inspired door handles! Perfect for the bedroom door of any Star-Wars fan or nerd.

Spanner shaped door handle

3 – Always use the right tools for the job.

Perfect for the bathroom or bedroom is not words I would use to describe this odd spanner shaped door handle but if you had a workshop of maybe a garage then this is the one you need.

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Gun inspired door handle

2 – “You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!”

This kind of makes sense in a funny sort of way, these rather cool gun shaped door handles were already the perfect shape to be door handles and you can be sure to get some good grip while pulling open a heavy door. Well, I liked them anyway.

Old Nokia used as door handle

1 – “Sorry mum I have to so my door handle is running out of credit!”

There are several things that you could make with an old phone, but I have to admit that this is a good one, once again seen inside the “The Green Backpackers, Mitzpe Ramon” Is this retro Nokia used as a door handle! Definitely cool and almost certainly great recycling.

Author: Gus Barge

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