Ten of the Very Best Ice Cube Moulds You Can Buy Right Now

We have already seen some super nerdy ice cube trays in my post “Top 10 Nerdy Ice Cube Trays” but now it is time to put the nerd side of me away and take a look at some more unusual moulds that most people will like. From national monuments to things that will make you smile and laugh. This is the strange world of the unusual ice cube moulds…


Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Ice Cube Trays
Penguin and Polar Bear (Ice Cube Molds)

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If you are looking for some unusual and creative ice cube trays then this is a great start. It melts slowly in the glass, so the penguins and the polar bear appeared to drift on the ice. Made from silicon with a lid, there is no secret to making any of these ice-cubes. Just fill them with water (upside down of course) place the lid on and then freeze!

Cool Shooters (Ice Cube Molds)

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These days a party without shooters is no party at all so this really will be the perfect ice-cubes. They are basically glasses made from ice for parties! Best bit of all is that if someone accidental drops or knocks a glass off and it breaks, it will just be water under the carpet, literally!

Cool Guitar (Ice Cube Molds)

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Have you ever wanted to look cool playing the guitar? Well, it is never going to happen without years of practice. But you could at least pretend with these cool ice cube trays! With 3 sticks and mould spaces in each, they would be a great gift for any budding young musician.

Brain Freeze (Ice Cube Molds)

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Well have already and will come to see a lot more of these cool ice cube trays shapes, but one that comes in a brain form is always going to rank high on the “unusual” chart. Good if you are a brain surgeon or maybe a psychiatrist. Or maybe you are a Zombie and love eating brains!

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Hip Hop (Ice Cube Molds)

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Hip-hop is always great music when it comes to party time, so why not go all out with these weird Hip-Hop-Sicles ice moulds! I have just realised how many times I refer to all these as “Ice Cubes” when there is no cube shape about them! But they are still kind of ice-cubes in my eyes.

Chill Pill (Ice Cube Molds)

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I know people don’t really say it anymore, but it does really suit the words! Any ice cube container that relies on buzz-words is always going to be out touch with modern terms quite soon, but I think these will still put a smile on peoples faces for a while to come.

3D Shark (Ice Cube Molds)

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It is not often that you come across a novelty ice cube tray that only holds one single mould. But this massive 3D shark is the best out of all the Shark themed moulds I come across, literally leaping out of the glass and beyond the drinker. The only problem is that you would have to buy a lot of them to make enough for the whole party.

Chicken (Ice Cube Molds)

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I told you this was a list of the most unusual moulds, and they don’t get much stranger than this chicken themed one!

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World Map (Ice Cube Molds)

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We have already seen a lot of fun and indeed funny ice cube trays so far. But this one comes with a serious message behind it about global warming. IF these ice cubes shaped like all seven continents don’t impress your environmentalist friends, nothing will.

Easter Island Statues (Ice Cube Molds)

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Called the Moai these Monolithic human figures carved by the Rapa Nui people on Easter Island. They might not be the best ice cube trays on the market, but when it comes to the unusual part, they are top of the list. Pointless and fun always gets my vote!

Author: Gus Barge

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